BTS’ Jimin and Jungkook’s new military group pics go viral for THIS reason

BTS's Jimin got trolled after posting a teary Insta reel!
Credits: Instagram

BTS fans are elated after having received an update about Jungkook and Jimin’s military journey. For the unversed, the BTS Army got to know this via The Camp app. For the unversed, these latest shared photos are from January 9, 2024. The same offers glimpses into their training during the military enlistment period. These pictures have brought a lot of joy among fans who were more than emotional upon witnessing their camaraderie and of course, adaptation to military life.

Jimin and Jungkook’s Latest Military Group Photos

As mentioned earlier, the BTS Army recently received a heartwarming update on the Bangtan Boys’ members Jungkook and Jimin through the military’s official app. These latest photos also gave a glimpse of how the members are coping with their new lives in the military. Most of the fans were elated to see how Jimin and JK giggled as they posed for the photos. Meanwhile, fans of the BTS continue to shower their support to the group as all the members get busy with their respective military enlistment processes.

HYBE’s Warning to the Camp

It is reported that HYBE has issued a warning to The Camp which is a military community app in South Korea. The label has alleged the unauthorized use of BTS members’ names and images. In short, it has cited infringement of their intellectual property rights. The conflict includes the app’s utilization of BTS’ IP in several services. Examples include the Recommended Star Soldier. According to media reports, it provides insights into the respective artists’ military life.

HYBE also asserts that the creation of separate “official” communities breaches their management rights over the fan community of the Bangtan Boys. Furthermore, The Camp also faced backlash after having sold dolls and soldier name tags featuring the real names of the BTS members. For the unversed, it is viewed as a violation of their IP and personal information protection laws.

However, The Camp’s BTS community persists despite content removal and ceasing merchandise sales. It is said to be defended by the app’s management as being fan-driven. Now, the latest reports state that HYBE is already considering legal action regarding the same.