BTS’ Jimin’s bracelet making vlog helps expand local business

BTS’ Jimin expands local business after his bracelet-making vlog
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Nothing is more impactful for a product to sell widely than a BTS member trying it on or encouraging the ARMY to buy for themselves. It does not come as a shocker why the septet is called the ‘Sold Out Kings’ because more often than not, the products they try or endorse, even the restaurants they go to, experience a sharp spike in their sales and popularity. The famous ARMY does not abstain from trying out things or visiting the places in which the South Korean boy band has been. And that’s what happened with Jimin’s vlog.

For those unversed, on July 9, which is the ARMY’s official anniversary, BTS decided to gift its beloved fan base with the BTS VLOG series that will feature the lives of each member starting from July 9 to August 20, releasing at 7:07 pm KST. Through these videos, fans get a sneak peek into the personal lives of the members and get to know them better on a personal level. Last week, BTS’ V, aka Kim Taehyung, was featured in the video. This week, on Saturday, July 23, it was Jimin’s turn.

The video spanned approximately 24 minutes, which included him going to a workshop to acquire some art and craft lessons and doing a special bracelet-making session. The viewers could see him trying to learn very sincerely from the instructor who was teaching him the nitty-gritty of the craft. In addition to this, the instructor could also be seen being very kind and patient with Jimin. Even though the BTS member broke the saw’s blade twice, the instructor was concerned about the idol not hurting himself, which was quite touching.

If you haven’t seen the vlog, then check it out here:

[BTS VLOG] Jimin l 팔찌공방 VLOG

Within hours of the vlog’s release, the ARMY had found the place where Jimin learned his bracelet-making lessons and flocked the place, overwhelming its owner, Silver Kit, with escalating reservations. His heart was warmed to such an extent that he even expressed his gratitude on his Instagram account.


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Be that as it may, this is not the first time that BTS has expanded a growing business exponentially, and that too, overnight. In the first BTS VLOG, Taehyung was seen doing a couple of activities, one of them being visiting a restaurant to eat his meal. Within days, the restaurant was flocked with the hoi polloi. It was an extremely overwhelming experience for the owner, especially when the restaurant ran out of food and ingredients. This is the impact of the ‘Sold Out Kings’. It only makes us wonder which businesses will other vlogs expand.