BTS’ Jimin dominates worldwide trends on his 28th birthday; Here’s how

BTS Jimin
Credits: Jimin/Instagram

BTS member Jimin celebrated his 28th birthday in style as he once again proved his global influence and adoration among fans. Known for his incredible talent, sweet personality, and outstanding performances, Jimin’s birthdays have consistently taken the internet by storm, and this year was no different.

On October 13, fans flocked to social media platforms to shower their love and appreciation on Jimin, causing an internet sensation. The hashtag #HappyBirthdayJimin quickly soared to the number one worldwide trend, accomplishing this remarkable feat within a mere four minutes. In South Korea, where Jimin hails from, the hashtag #ThisIsJiminDay also skyrocketed to the top position within just two minutes, highlighting his significant global influence.

This marked the fourth consecutive year that Jimin has dominated worldwide trends on his birthday. In 2020, an astonishing 28 out of the 30 top global trends were related to Jimin, establishing him as the first person to occupy such a large portion of worldwide trends. This trend continued in subsequent years, with Jimin’s birthdays in 2021 and 2022 similarly taking social media by storm.

Jimin’s popularity was not limited to South Korea; this year, his hashtags also dominated the top 10 trends in India and secured the top eight spots in his home country. In total, over 262 trends related to Jimin’s birthday took over the charts in more than 62 countries, a testament to his incredible global reach and the unwavering support of his devoted fanbase.

Upcoming Solo Documentary: “Jimin’s Production Diary”

Jimin has exciting projects in the works for his fans. Earlier this month, he announced his first solo documentary titled “Jimin’s Production Diary,” which will provide an in-depth look into the production process and activities behind his first solo album, “FACE.” The documentary is set to premiere on October 23, exclusively on Weverse.

In a pre-release video, Jimin expressed his gratitude, stating, “My first album, which contained things that I have always wanted to say and organize any thoughts, I didn’t expect to receive so much love.” Fans can look forward to an intimate and insightful documentary that delves into the making of “FACE” and offers an exclusive glimpse into Jimin’s creative world. Jimin’s ability to consistently dominate worldwide trends on his birthday only underscores the deep connection he shares with his fans, who eagerly anticipate every project and celebration related to the beloved BTS member.