BTS’ Jimin embarks on military service alongside Jungkook

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BTS’ Jimin and Jungkook embarked on their mandatory military service on December 12, marking a poignant moment for the beloved K-pop group.

The enlistment took place alongside J-Hope and SUGA, who are currently fulfilling their service. The emotional farewell was not only witnessed by fellow BTS members but also by Jimin’s father.

A Father’s Gratitude

Jimin’s father, Mr. Park, who runs the popular café MAGNATE in Busan, expressed his heartfelt farewell on the café’s official Instagram account. He shared a photo of the significant moment, where Jimin bid goodbye before commencing his military duties. Mr. Park extended his gratitude to the dedicated fanbase, ARMYs, for their unwavering support. In a multilingual caption, he stated, “Your support gave Jimin a lot of strength. I heartily thank you.”

Emotional Instagram Story

Mr. Park not only posted the heartfelt farewell on the café’s feed but also shared the emotional moment on his Instagram Story. Accompanied by Jimin’s solo song “Promise,” the Instagram Story captured the poignant atmosphere as the BTS member began his military journey. The inclusion of the song’s lyrics added an extra layer of emotion, resonating with fans worldwide.

Joint Enlistment of Jimin and Jungkook

Jimin and Jungkook, as part of the Companion Soldiers program, commenced their military service together. This program allows them to undergo training at the same basic training center, sharing this significant experience. Following the initial training phase, they will continue to serve in parallel living units on the base, ensuring they fulfill their military duties concurrently.

ARMYs’ Support

The enlistment center saw a peaceful atmosphere, as ARMYs chose not to attend physically but expressed their support through banners and signs around the education center. Fans worldwide conveyed their encouragement for Jimin and Jungkook on this momentous day, showcasing the global reach of BTS’ impact.