BTS’ Jimin gets a surprise call from THIS person; Know WHO

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Credit: Instagram

During Jimin’s promotional activities for “FACE,” a heartwarming video call surprise left BTS’ ARMYs delighted and entertained. The unexpected caller was none other than his fellow member Suga. The latter turned the routine fan call into a playful and memorable interaction that showcased their close bond once again!

Suga Joins Jimin’s Fan Call

As part of Jimin’s engagement with fans, a video emerged of him participating in a fan event with Japanese supporters. However, what made this call unique was the unexpected appearance of Agust D on the other end of the line. Suga’s pseudonym, “Jiyoon,” added an intriguing twist to the interaction, reflecting a combination of their names that left fans intrigued.

Playful Challenges and Exchanges

Understanding the fleeting nature of fan calls, Suga quickly initiated the playful “Sorry for being cute” challenge, a move both idols had practiced. Suga demonstrated the challenge, playfully correcting Jimin’s attempt to capture its essence. Their camaraderie was evident as they shared laughs and playfully bantered.

Suga’s humor continued as he requested Jimin to sing a song. Although Jimin hesitated, Suga’s witty commentary added levity to the situation. Playfully, Suga hinted at potential controversy arising from Jimin’s singing, coining the phrase “controversy for bad attitude.” The lighthearted exchange showcased their ability to find humor even in seemingly ordinary moments.

SUGA surprised Jimin on Jimin's video call fansign 🤣

What is “Jiyoon”

Notably, Suga used the username “Jiyoon” for the call, an amalgamation of their names. While fans commonly refer to the duo as “Yoonmin,” Suga’s creative choice added a personal touch to the interaction, encapsulating their unique connection.

The video call not only offered fans a delightful surprise but also provided a glimpse into the deep friendship between Suga and Jimin. Their shared laughter, inside jokes, and effortless banter showcased the warmth and camaraderie that have endeared them to ARMYs worldwide. This impromptu exchange is likely to remain a cherished memory for Jimin and his fans, underscoring the genuine connections that BTS shares with their dedicated fanbase.