BTS’ Jimin gets emotional as he misses fellow mate Jin on Christmas

Bad Decisions
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BTS member Jimin recently interacted with his fans on the occasion of Christmas. In the midst of all this, he did not forget to speak about the group’s eldest member Jin who is currently serving his military enlistment period. Jimin took to Weverse and wrote, “What are you doing since it’s Christmas everyone? Please post your pictures.” Numerous fans posted their pictures and highlighted their Christmas activities. Jimin was quick to respond to them and also said that he was in his bed at that moment.

Jimin’s series of posts

During the later hours, Jimin shared another poster with the following words, ‘ARMY, Merry Christmas-Jimin.’ He also shared a heart-eye emoji along with the same.

The BTS singer shared another post that reads, “My drawing skills have decreased…” and added, “You want to see (me)? Hmm, just a moment, I’ll put some clothes on first.”

Another Instagram post


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Next, BTS member Jimin took to Instagram and posted more photos of himself holding the same posters that further excited the fans. The singer looked amazing as he was dressed in a yellow sweater, blue denims, and a black-colored hat. Reacting to the post, his fellow group member J-Hope commented the following, “Cutie” and added fire emojis. For the unversed, Jimin also ended his nearly two months hiatus on his Instagram handle with the post.

Another Weverse Post

Jimin once again went back to Weverse and wrote, “Hyu (sigh) Insta for the first time in a while heh.” He also added, “It took me all day to decide what to wear hehe…Anyways, ARMYs, spend precious time with your precious people during Christmas. Merry Christmas.”

The singer was surely missing Jin as he wrote, “Merry Christmas to Jin Hyung too.”

Earlier news

BTS leader RM recently talked about fellow bandmate Jin who is the first one among the group members to enlist in the mandatory military service in South Korea. Kim Namjoon has also revealed what Jin said to his fellow group members before he left for the boot camp. However, he reportedly did not speak much as he might be having a lot of things going on inside his mind back then!

All BTS members including RM, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, V, and Jungkook accompanied Jin ahead of his departure for military enlistment. Not only that but all of them also shared sweet send-off messages for the eldest member of the group on their respective Instagram handles. RM further recalled what happened when the group dropped Jin at the camp.