BTS’ Jimin Leaves Fans Baffled Over His Military Enlistment Plans

BTS Jimin
Credits: Jimin/Instagram

Ever since Jimin released his solo album FACE a few months ago, fans of BTS, also known as ARMYs, have been speculating about his next move. Some fans are debating whether Jimin will soon make a solo comeback or if he will enlist in the military. The recent appearance of Jimin at SUGA’s D-DAY concert in Seoul has only intensified these discussions.

Speculation about Enlistment

Fans have noticed Jimin’s physical transformation, with some suggesting that he has been working out to prepare for his military training. This has led to assumptions that he may be the next BTS member to fulfill his mandatory military service, potentially returning to activities around 2025. However, it’s important to note that neither BIGHIT MUSIC nor Jimin himself has confirmed anything regarding his enlistment.

Possibility of a Comeback

Jimin’s appearance at SUGA’s concert has sparked excitement among fans, as SUGA left hints during the show. He playfully suggested that Jimin join him on stage to perform “TONY MONTANA” but it did not happen. In another instance, SUGA jokingly asked Jimin to perform “LIKE CRAZY” at the KSPO Dome. This has led ARMYs on Twitter to speculate about a potential comeback for Jimin.

Reunion of Jimin’s Dance Team

Fans became even more intrigued when a member of Jimin’s dance team for “LIKE CRAZY” shared a group selfie on Instagram, captioning it as “Team Jimin.” Another dancer commented, “Back together for real lol,” further fueling rumors of a comeback. While ARMYs are excited about the possibility of new music from Jimin, there has been no official confirmation from BIGHIT MUSIC.

Jimin’s Solo Music Journey

Jimin made his solo debut with the album FACE on March 24, featuring the title track “LIKE CRAZY.” The album achieved remarkable success, selling over 1 million copies in South Korea and worldwide within 24 hours of its release. Jimin received praise for his incredible performances, including the pre-release track “Set Me Free Pt. 2.” Additionally, he collaborated with artists such as Charlie Puth, JVKE, Muni Long, NLE Choppa, and Kodak Black for the Angel song series, which served as original soundtracks for FAST X. Jimin has broken multiple records with his album FACE, the song “LIKE CRAZY,” and ANGEL PT. 1, and his achievements continue to grow.