BTS’ Jimin opens up about the possibility of a solo concert: Heartwarming interaction with fans

BTS's Jimin got trolled after posting a teary Insta reel!
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During a SPECIAL TALK session, BTS member Jimin engaged in a candid conversation with fans, sharing his thoughts on the prospect of a solo concert and his appreciation for fellow band member SUGA’s Agust D Tour. Jimin’s responses provided both humor and heartfelt moments, leaving fans excited for what the future might hold.

Jimin’s Thoughts on a Solo Concert

When asked by a fan about the possibility of a solo concert, Jimin contemplated the idea. He expressed his desire to hold a solo concert but mentioned the challenge he faces due to having released only four solo songs. Jimin humorously noted that singing these four songs for two hours straight would be difficult. Fans responded with warmth, offering to sing along with him during the concert to make it easier. Jimin responded positively to this idea, appreciating the fans’ support.

Fans’ Enthusiastic Offer

Jimin’s fans, known for their unwavering dedication, were quick to extend their support by suggesting they would join him in singing during the concert. Jimin embraced the idea, acknowledging the fans’ commitment to making his solo concert a success.

A Hilarious Fan Suggestion

During the conversation about a potential solo concert, a fan suggested they would rent the venue and walk around. This lighthearted comment elicited laughter from Jimin, who playfully responded that simply walking around a rented venue doesn’t constitute a concert. The exchange showcased the playful and humorous side of Jimin’s personality, endearing him to fans even more.

Appreciating SUGA’s Agust D Tour

Jimin didn’t just discuss his own solo prospects but also praised fellow BTS member SUGA’s Agust D Tour, describing it as “amazing.” He acknowledged that to pull off a tour of that scale. He would need to release more songs as a solo artist. Jimin’s admiration for his fellow band members’ achievements highlighted the strong bond and mutual respect within BTS.

Jimin’s Recent Activities

In addition to discussing future solo endeavors, Jimin has recently released his first documentary, “Jimin’s Production Diary,” on October 23. This documentary offers a behind-the-scenes look at the production process and activities involved in creating his first solo album, “FACE.”

Through this documentary, Jimin candidly shared his experiences and challenges as an artist, especially when working on a solo project without the support of his BTS members.