BTS’ Jimin records highest number of 2023 year-end entries for K-soloists on Billboard Charts

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In a historic achievement, Jimin from BTS has become the first K-soloist to secure a coveted spot on the prestigious Billboard 200. His debut album, FACE, claimed the #193 position, marking a momentous occasion as the sole album by a Korean soloist to achieve this feat.

Jimin’s exceptional feat extended further as he dominated the 2023 Billboard Year-End Charts. With a staggering 13 entries, he set a new record for the most entries by any Korean solo artist in a single year. His debut album, FACE, secured the highest ranking for a Korean soloist’s album on the Billboard Year-End World Albums chart at #7.

Chart-Topping Singles

The lead single from FACE, “Like Crazy,” made history by storming the Billboard Year-End Digital Song Sales chart, claiming the #5 position as the top-ranking song by a Korean soloist. Notably, “Set Me Free Pt. 2” clinched #29 on the same chart. “Like Crazy” further solidified its impact as the premier song by an Asian soloist and the first Korean solo track to breach the top 5 on the chart.

Global Resonance and Recognition

Jimin’s influence resonated globally, with “Like Crazy” making its mark on the Billboard Year-End Global 200 and Global Excl. US charts, securing a prominent position among the year’s significant K-pop hits.

Jimin’s individual artistry shone brightly on the Billboard End Year Digital Song Sales Artists chart, claiming an impressive #6 position. He also secured a notable #7 spot on the Billboard Year-End World Albums Artists chart, standing as the lone Korean solo artist to achieve this remarkable feat.

지민 (Jimin) 'Like Crazy' Official MV

November’s Individual Idol Brand Reputation Rankings

In the Korean Business Research Institute’s November Individual Idol Brand Reputation Rankings, Jimin dominated with a brand reputation index of 6,267,302, reflecting a 134.15 percent surge since September. Keywords such as Billboard, Like Crazy, and ARMY emphasized his substantial influence, with an overwhelming 91.39 percent positivity in the analysis. Jimin’s remarkable achievements underscore his status as a trailblazer in the global music industry.