BTS’ Jimin reveals his favourite tracks in Proof of Inspiration clip ahead of album release

Credit: Instagram

Proof of Inspiration is back and now, it’s time for Jimin to express his feelings. The last two days were filling for the armies as two of the BTS members, V and Jin poured out their feelings in two separate clippings associated with the promotion of their anthology album Proof. While the Bangtan Boys have been keeping their fans busy with numerous updates regarding the album’s release, their Proof of Inspiration clippings are nothing less than a source of joy for the army.

Jimin’s clip

After Kim Taehyung and Jin, Park Jimin got the chance to pour out his feelings in Proof of Inspiration. He was the star of today’s video as he talked about his favorite picks from the upcoming album. Jimin’s choices were his solo track Filter and his duet with fellow member V titled Friends. He also went on to call the army ‘Proof’ in the clip.

The mysteries surrounding Proof of Inspiration ended with the release of the group’s first video clip on May 16, 2022. It was then that it was revealed that the members will be talking about their favorite tracks from the album and the reason behind choosing the same. Jimin is the third member to have his video clip released as a part of the promotions.

Meanwhile, check out Jimin’s video below.

Army’s predictions

V aka Kim Taehyung’s video dropped on May 16, 2022, and it was followed by Jin’s video that dropped a day after the same. The army was quick enough to put both together and deduce that the clips revealed a reverse order of the debut teasers of the BTS members. Now, if the deductions of the army are correct, the next in line is the youngest member of the Septet, Jungkook and his video will be released on May 19, 2022. It will be followed by RM (May 20), Suga (May 21), and J-Hope (May 22).

V and Jin’s picks

Previously V revealed his favorite tracks from the anthology album Proof as his solo track Singularity and the vocal-line track Zero O’Clock (Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, and V himself). On the other hand, Jin’s picks were his solo song Moon from MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 and Jamais Vu from the same album.

As the army stays tuned for the upcoming Proof of Inspiration clips, they are equally excited for the release of the anthology album that will include multiple hits of the group including three brand new tracks to take over the world again.