BTS’ Jimin teams up with Muni Long, JVKE, & more for Fast X’s Angel Pt 1

BTS's Jimin got trolled after posting a teary Insta reel!
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The Fast and Furious franchise, known for its action-packed films, has expanded its musical family with a new collaboration featuring BTS member Jimin. The song “Angel Pt 1,” which also includes NLE Choppa, Kodak Black, JVKE, and Muni Long, was released on May 18, 2023, just a day before the premiere of the latest instalment in the Fast and Furious series. This star-studded project has generated immense excitement among fans and the music industry, highlighting the fusion of incredible talents.

Credit: Instagram

Jimin’s Musical Impact

While the Fast and Furious movies are synonymous with high-energy tracks, “Angel Pt 1” adds a heartfelt and emotional dimension to the franchise’s soundtrack. This collaboration holds special significance for Jimin as it marks his debut in an international film soundtrack, showcasing his growth as an artist. By contributing to the Fast and Furious musical legacy, Jimin adds his unique touch to the franchise’s enduring theme of family.

Uniting Diverse Talents

The collaboration between Jimin, NLE Choppa, Kodak Black, JVKE, and Muni Long has created a buzz within the music industry and among fans worldwide. This combination of artists from different genres has sparked excitement and anticipation for the release of “Angel Pt 1.”

Fan Reactions and Artistic Impact

Upon its release, “Angel Pt 1” received an overwhelming response from fans, who took to social media to express their awe and admiration for the seamless integration of the artists’ talents. Jimin’s captivating vocals, NLE Choppa’s energetic presence, Kodak Black’s distinctive style, JVKE’s melodic prowess, and Muni Long’s soulful vocals all come together to create a dynamic and unforgettable track. The collaboration showcases the versatility and boundary-pushing abilities of these talented individuals, leaving fans and music enthusiasts in awe of their impact and artistry.

Anticipation for Future Collaborations

BTS Jimin
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The success of “Angel Pt 1” has sparked anticipation for future collaborations and the transformative influence these talented artists will continue to have on the music industry. Fans eagerly await further ventures that push boundaries and unite diverse talents, showcasing the power of collaboration and artistic growth within the Fast and Furious franchise.

BTS’ Jimin

Jimin, born Park Jimin on October 13, 1995, is a member of the sensational South Korean boy band BTS. Known for his incredible vocal abilities, mesmerizing dance skills, and charismatic stage presence, Jimin has captivated fans worldwide.

Jimin’s journey in the entertainment industry began when he joined Big Hit Entertainment as a trainee in 2012. After years of rigorous training, he made his official debut as a member of BTS in June 2013. From the start, Jimin stood out with his powerful and emotive performances, quickly earning the love and admiration of fans around the globe.

As a vocalist, Jimin’s voice is renowned for its versatility and emotive quality. He possesses a wide vocal range and can effortlessly switch between delicate, tender tones and powerful, high notes. His vocal performances in BTS songs like “Lie,” “Serendipity,” and “Filter” have garnered immense praise, showcasing his ability to convey a range of emotions through his singing.