BTS’ Jimin’s first solo documentary’s official teaser trailer out

BTS Jimin
Credits: Jimin/Instagram

BTS’ Jimin has delighted fans with the unexpected announcement of his first solo documentary, titled “Jimin’s Production Diary,” set to premiere on October 23. Pre-orders for the documentary will commence on October 14, 2023, at 10 AM KST on Weverse. In this documentary, Jimin takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes journey, chronicling the creation of his debut solo album, “FACE,” which was released in March 2023.

Revealing the First Teaser and Poster

Jimin’s much-anticipated solo documentary is already generating buzz with the release of its first teaser trailer and poster. The teaser trailer, available on BTS’ Official YouTube channel, BANGTANTV, offers a glimpse into Jimin’s creative process. The 31-second video features Jimin in his studio, deep in thought, as he contemplates the significance of his album’s creation.

He asks, “Is the album supposed to be this way? It’s something that I shouldn’t think it’s simple. It was the chance for me to know exactly what I should do from now on. ‘There are more things I want to do,’ should I say?” The teaser trailer builds anticipation as it ends with a voice saying, “Jimin, you can do it!” The accompanying poster showcases Jimin standing beside a recording microphone, with excerpts of lyrics and lines from his “FACE” album.

Here is a glimpse into the teaser trailer:

'Jimin's Production Diary' Teaser Trailer

Jimin’s Surprise Revelation

Fans were pleasantly surprised when BTS’ Jimin revealed his first solo documentary project. In a video announcement, Jimin personally writes “Jimin’s Production Diary” with a black marker, adding a personal touch to the revelation. The release calendar for Jimin’s documentary, unveiled by BIGHIT MUSIC, outlines the schedule starting from October 11 and continuing through October 26, 2023. Jimin’s solo documentary, “Jimin’s Production Diary,” which captures the pivotal moments during the creation of his “FACE” album, is set to premiere on October 23, 2023.

Jimin’s documentary promises to offer an intimate look at the artist’s creative process and the journey he embarked on to craft his debut solo album. Fans can hardly wait to witness the behind-the-scenes moments and insights that shaped the music and artistry of one of BTS’ most beloved members. Jimin’s ability to connect with his audience on a personal level is expected to shine through in this documentary, making it a highly anticipated release for both ARMYs and music enthusiasts alike.