BTS’ Jimin’s ‘Like Crazy’ makes THIS new record in the United States

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Jimin’s solo album “FACE” has once again rewritten the record books with its title track, “Like Crazy.” The track has become the fastest-selling song by a K-pop solo artist in the USA. As of now, it has sold over 1 million units.

Most-Streamed Korean Song of 2023 on Spotify

“Like Crazy” isn’t just making waves in sales but is also dominating the streaming scene in the present times. The song has carved its name in history by becoming the most-streamed Korean song released in 2023 on Spotify, the popular music platform. In a mere 157 days from its release, the song garnered an astounding 474.6 million streams on the platform, standing tall as the third most-streamed song by a Korean/K-pop act on Spotify in 2023.

“FACE” Milestones

The success of Jimin’s “FACE” album doesn’t stop there. The album has achieved a remarkable milestone by attaining 1 billion streams on Spotify, cementing its position as the fastest K-pop soloist album to hit this milestone. This achievement showcases the enduring popularity and broad global appeal of Jimin’s musical creations.

Equally astonishing, “FACE” has also accomplished the extraordinary feat of selling over one million physical copies worldwide on its debut day, March 24th. The album’s undeniable impact on both physical and digital platforms is a testament to Jimin’s immense talent and the fervent support of his dedicated fanbase.

지민 (Jimin) 'Like Crazy' Official MV

Jimin’s solo album “FACE” continues to set new benchmarks in the music industry, achieving unprecedented milestones in sales and streaming. With “Like Crazy” leading the charge as the fastest-selling K-pop solo song in the USA and the most-streamed Korean song of 2023 on Spotify, Jimin’s influence and artistry remain unparalleled. The album’s widespread recognition further solidifies Jimin’s legacy as a pioneering force in the world of K-pop.