BTS’ Jin creates a new record on Shazam; Here’s how

BTS Jin actor

Jin, a member of the popular South Korean boy band BTS, has achieved a remarkable milestone in the world of music with his solo songs accumulating an impressive 33 million Shazams. This accomplishment not only sets a new record for K-pop songs but also establishes Jin as the first Asian solo artist to achieve such an incredible feat.

The Astronaut – The Most Shazamed Song in K-pop History

Jin’s debut single, “The Astronaut,” has garnered an astonishing 15.51 million Shazams, making it the most Shazamed song in the history of K-pop. This captivating track has captured the attention of listeners worldwide, contributing significantly to Jin’s impressive Shazam count.

Standout Solo Tracks

Among Jin’s solo releases, several tracks have stood out in terms of Shazam count. “Epiphany,” with 1.27 million Shazams, showcases Jin’s vocal prowess and emotional depth. Close behind, “Moon” has achieved 1.18 million Shazams, resonating with fans through its heartfelt lyrics and soothing melody. Additionally, “Awake” has amassed 870,000 Shazams, highlighting Jin’s introspective balladry. “Tonight,” with 550,000 Shazams, captivates listeners with its heartfelt storytelling. Furthermore, “Abyss” has earned 410,000 Shazams, solidifying Jin’s ability to create impactful and engaging music. Lastly, “Super Tuna” completes the list with 100,000 Shazams, showcasing Jin’s range of musical styles.

Jin’s Global Achievements

Jin’s impact extends beyond his Shazam achievements. In the global music scene, he has dominated the Global Top 200 Chart, with his previous hit, “Yours,” holding the number one position for an impressive 102 days. This feat showcases Jin’s immense popularity among listeners worldwide. Furthermore, “Yours” achieved a record-breaking milestone as the K-pop song with the longest duration at number one in 2022, remaining at the top for 129 days. Jin’s unparalleled chart domination is further exemplified by being the only K-pop artist to hold the top spot on the Global Top 200 Chart for a remarkable 231 days. Additionally, Jin stands out as the only artist with two songs that have garnered over 12 million Shazams, solidifying his status as a global solo artist.


Jin’s remarkable Shazam achievements and global success as a solo artist underscore his immense talent and impact in the world of K-pop. With captivating music and a dedicated fanbase, he continues to break records and inspire audiences worldwide. Jin’s legacy as a member of BTS and as a soloist remains strong, and his achievements pave the way for future Asian artists to make their mark on the international music scene.