BTS’ Jin gets new name; Here it is

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It’s been almost a year since the talented Jin from BTS began his mandatory military service. While fans have eagerly awaited updates on his life as a soldier, a recent post on the online community “theqoo” shed light on his whereabouts and activities.

On November 8, a post titled “Pretty Jin Who Buys Us Food” garnered attention in online communities. The OP, who claimed to be a relative of one of Jin’s fellow soldiers, shared insights about the BTS member’s life in the military.

According to the OP, their nephew, who recently completed his military service, revealed that Jin consistently goes above and beyond for the soldiers in his unit. The “Astronaut” singer uses his own funds to purchase food from food trucks for his younger comrades every weekend. To back their credibility, the OP shared a photo of themselves attending their nephew’s completion ceremony.

The Nickname

Jin’s generosity has earned him the nickname “Pretty Jin Who Buys Us Food” among his fellow soldiers. This clever moniker is a play on the title of the Korean series “Something in the Rain,” known as “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food.” It aptly reflects the soldiers’ admiration for Jin’s kind and considerate nature during his military service.

Jin’s Military Service

Currently stationed as an assistant instructor in the Fifth Infantry Division in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi-do, Jin holds the prestigious title of a Special Class Elite Warrior, a testament to his exceptional physical prowess. Before his mandatory service, he collaborated with Coldplay on the successful solo track “The Astronaut,” released on October 28, 2022.

As the song marked its first anniversary, fans worldwide celebrated the occasion through charity events, making Jin a trending topic on various social media platforms. On the same day, Coldplay expressed gratitude on their social media channels, thanking Jin and other participants in a concert held in Buenos Aires in 2022. This event celebrated the first anniversary of the concert and movie and showed appreciation to the fans.

Jin’s military service is expected to conclude on June 12, 2024, and the anticipation for his return continues to grow among fans.