BTS’ Jin grabs limelight at Korea Open 2022 tennis tournament; Here’s how

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Last week, BTS member Jin was seen at the Korea Open 2022 tennis tournament as he was watching the match of Casper Ruud. The eldest member of the Septet came unannounced as he hid behind a mask and a hat. He left right after the end of the match, but a few curious onlookers were quick to notice him! Jin even did not post anything about attending the match on his social media handle. There is no denying that Jin’s presence at the event caught attention on the internet in no time!

Jin’s popularity

Reports suggest that more than a million people viewed a 10-second-long clip of the artist in just two hours. The sports media also emphasized how a single video got Jin 20 times more views than any other tennis-related post. Not only that, but many major global sports media outlets shared multiple posts about the BTS member’s presence at the tennis tournament. If that wasn’t enough, the commentator of the match also took Jin’s name and called him the ‘superstar in the stands.’ After the match, Casper Ruud was heard saying that he is proud to have known an artist like BTS’ Jin, who was interested in Tennis. Apart from that, many other tennis stars mentioned the singer’s name and invited him to future matches!

BTS details

Jin is a significant part of the South Korean boy group BTS. He is the eldest of them and is popularly known as Mr. Worldwide Handsome. All the members are currently focused on their upcoming concert for the World Trade Expo 2030. HYBE has finally clarified the rumors surrounding the controversy of funding BTS’ upcoming concert in Busan, which is scheduled for October. Recently, reports started doing rounds that the tickets for the concert were sold out in a matter of minutes as soon as they went live. This has, once again, proved the global stardom of the Septet. However, concerns were also raised about the designated location owing to the larger number of people. Hence, the venue got changed to Busan Asiad Main Stadium from the Ilgwang Special Stage.

The announcement

BigHit Music, the agency associated with the Bangtan Boys, made a special announcement related to the concert regarding the location. Here is what the agency announced on September 2, 2022, “The venue for BTS’ ‘Yet to Come’ in BUSAN, a concert for the Busan World Expo 2030, has been changed from the previously announced Ilgwang special stage to the Busan Asiad Main Stadium.