BTS’ Jin questions Suga on his physique; Asks ‘Why are you so skinny?’

BTS’ Jin questions Suga on his physique; asks ‘Why are you so skinny?’
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What sails the boat of friendship is honesty. And who are more honest friends than worldwide famous South Korean septet, BTS? By being supportive online as well as offline, BTS members have shown solidarity with each other on matters minor and major. However, when it comes online, this boy band does call out on each other in rather unexpected times. For instance, more recently, Jin questioned Suga’s diet and physique on the latter’s recent post on social media. Suga and Jin’s friendly interactions have revealed that the duo shares the most wholesome camaraderie that remains unparalleled.

For those unversed, Suga, whose real name is Min Yoongi, went on a short trip and met his pet cat, Holly, to take a break before the schedules go all haywire. In the post, ‘Suga Daddy’, as he is famously been called by his fans worldwide, depicted that he had visited Daegu Taejeon Elementary school, Kangbuk High school, and Gwaneum Middle school. His cool and calm demeanor in the photos is quite contagious.

Jin, out of all Suga’s followers, observed something that he couldn’t hold himself from mentioning. And that was how skinny Suga looked. Not abstaining from mentioning that, Suga jocosely commented, “Why are you so skinny? I’ve transferred your pocket money, buy yourself a meal.”

Sensing the humorous tone, Suga also didn’t hold himself back from teasing his friend. He wrote, “I’ve checked my account, and (the money) didn’t come through.” Be that as it may, this amiable banter did not go for long as they ended their conversation on social media with a plain, “I’m sorry.” However, it’s quite unknown why they are sorry. Is it because he was not able to fulfill his promise or for the money which did not arrive?


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This fun exchange of clever remarks between the two oldest members of the septet left the ARMY buzzed on social media. One of the users on Twitter commented, “I LOVE THEM SO MUCH,” whereas the other wrote, “Yoongi doesn’t joke about the money he’s very serious.”

Jin, giving money to his band mates doesn’t seem like an unusual occurrence since he often hinted at a “new job”. It implies that all of his extra income must be given to the members, with Suga being no exception.

Nevertheless, this conversation is just a slight peek into their friendship that runs deep. Through all the ebbs and flows of their journey, all the members have been with each other and got their backs. Their bond is no less than heart-warming for the ARMY.