BTS’ Jin submits application to cancel delay in military enlistment

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BTS member Jin has reportedly submitted an application with the Military Manpower Administration (MMA) to cancel his request to postpone his military conscription. His move to revoke the much-talked-about delay came after BIGHIT Music, the agency associated with BTS, announced a month ago that all seven members of the group would be fulfilling their military duties.

Jin’s joining date

Jin, who happens to be the oldest member of the Septet, may join the military at the end of this year. The K-pop idol reportedly got his conscription delayed till the end of 2022 under the Military Service Act revised in 2020.

Military enlistment

After years of speculation and internal discussions among the South Korean government authorities, it is finally decided that the Septet members will serve their military terms. The eldest member of the group, Jin, is the first one to enlist in the service, as per the official announcement. BIGHIT  Music also stated that they would withdraw their request to delay Jin’s enlistment until the end of the month and follow the administration’s enlistment procedures.

The Astronaut

Jin is currently busy promoting his solo single ‘The Astronaut’ for which he collaborated with the British band Coldplay. For the unversed, the solo track dropped on October 28, 2022, at 1 pm KST. It was only after a few hours after the song’s release that Jin held a live broadcast to celebrate the new track. It was during the same time that the BTS member talked about a whole lot of things, including his new song, music, and, most importantly, his upcoming military enlistment.

Military enlistment

There is no denying that the fans appreciated Jin’s directness towards the topic that he rarely talked about to date. He revealed that he was going to enlist in the military in May or June because he preferred enlistment in summer rather than winter. However, his plans were pushed ahead because of the group’s promotional activities for their anthology album ‘Proof’ and preparations for the World Expo concert in Busan. Jin also revealed that ‘BE’ was supposed to be the group’s last album for a while since the members were going to enlist and also indulge in solo activities.

The singer further revealed that the other members of BTS suggested that they should have a concert with the Army where they could hear them cheer. That is why they convinced Jin to wait for the revelation. Jin was also quick to note that the K-pop group received a lot of hate from people wanting them to enlist faster and wondering why they were delaying it. He also revealed that though they already had plans to enlist, they could not reveal the plans sooner. Jin revealed that the announcement of their enlistment was not made before their Busan concert as they did not wish for the mega event to be filled with emotions.