BTS’ Jin surprises fans with new tattoo on Instagram

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BTS members are currently on cloud nine with the release of their latest album Proof. Meanwhile, the members are back on social media with some surprising posts for all their fans. The latest one to surprise the fans is none other than Jin himself who posted two interesting pictures on his personal Instagram account on June 26, 2022. So, the cat is finally out of the bag as Jin has finally revealed his ‘friendship tattoo.’ For the unversed, the Bangtan Boys had decided to get similar tattoos done and the bandwagon had already begun earlier with RM and J-Hope.

Jin’s pictures

The army is pretty amazed to see Jin’s new pictures as they witnessed his bare back against the amazing sea background. One can clearly see the tattoo placed on the curve of Jin’s waist as they had discussed earlier in the BTS Dinner Party. The best part about the post was RM and J-Hope’s comments. While the former said, “You’re not wearing anything, that really surprised me!” the other one said, “Holy Moly.” Well, there is no denying that their reactions are as same as the fans right now.

Check out the post below.


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Jin’s new track

BTS member Jin’s track titled Yours is currently shining on the global charts. For the unversed, it is Jin’s first-ever OST that was ranked at no. 31 on the Apple Music Global Hit Chart on June 24, 2022. Yours is an attractive song that has overwhelming vocal skills and a high-pitched tone and a low-mid bass. There is no denying that the song has captivated listeners and fans from around the world.

[지리산 OST | MV ] Part.4 진(방탄소년단) - Yours (Official)

RM and J-Hope’s tattoos

A few weeks ago, BTS leader RM took to Instagram and shared a few posts that are sure to send the army into a frenzy. Kim Namjoon shared a screenshot of the album’s new songs on his Instagram stories. He also added a caption with some kind of a hint that read, “We been here so far.” His next Instagram story was no less than a surprise for the fans as he shared a picture of his brand new ankle tattoo, which read ‘7.’

Another member of the K-pop group joined the bandwagon later, and he is none other than J-Hope himself. The latter revealed his tattoo on June 15, 2022, which has sent the army into a frenzy. Just like Kim Namjoon, Hobi has got the number ‘7’ made as a tattoo on his body.