BTS’ Jin to reportedly make his acting debut

BTS Jin acting

With rumors about BTS members taking a break from group activities to focus on solo ventures, ARMYs were worried they might see less of them. But, as it happens so, all seven members have been busier than ever lately. BTS made headlines when they attended the Busan World Expo 2030 ambassador appointment event a few days ago. A fresh collaboration with American producer Benny Blanco and rapper Snoop Dogg was announced, comprising members V, Jimin, Jin, and Jungkook, after J-hope released his debut solo album, Jack In The Box.

The group’s oldest member, Jin, is reportedly the next member to embark on his solo career. Long-time fans of BTS are well aware that Jin always wanted to be an actor, but things changed once BigHit Music realized his potential as a singer and added him to the final lineup of BTS. ARMYs are excited to learn that actor Jin is possibly soon going to make a debut.

BTS Jin actor

South Korean actor, producer, and director Kim Nam Gil, just so happened to make a surprising statement in a Cosmopolitan interview. Kim Nam Gil was questioned over his nickname, “yeonggam,” which means “old man” in Korean. He first discussed how the digital world has left him behind before talking about his collaborations with BTS member Jin, Cha Eun Woo, a vocalist-actor and model for Astro, and Seohyun, of Girls’ Generation.

“It’s because I am behind the digital age. I can communicate better with my hyungs and noonas. I worked with young people like BTS’ Jin, Cha Eunwoo and Seohyun, but I couldn’t communicate well,” he said.

Jin was born on December 4, 1992, and unlike in BTS, is the youngest in his family. As a kid, Jin wanted to become a journalist, but seeing Kim Nam Gil in Queen Seondeok inspired him to become an actor.

BTS Jin actor

When in middle school, Jin was approached by an SM Entertainment scouting manager but declined the offer thinking it was a scam. He was again approached by a casting manager and this time the manager was able to convince him to try out for an audition, which landed Jin in Big Hit Entertainment (now BigHit Music). With no background in music, Jin auditioned to be an actor.

Eventually seeing his talent as a vocalist and potential as an idol, BigHit Music added him to BTS.

Since BTS’ debut fans have always been curious to see actor Jin, and knowing that his debut as one will probably be with his all-time favorite, Kim Nam Gil, fans can’t help but be extremely proud of him. Fans raided Twitter to share the excitement once the news was out.

A user wrote, “Younger Jin would be so proud right not”, another user added, “Jin working on his first acting project with his role model WOW!”

We wish Jin all the best for his soon-to-start acting career and all other future projects!