BTS’ Jin tops June Boy Group Member brand reputation rankings

Credits- Jin/ Instagram

BTS member Jin, who was just discharged from the military, has achieved yet another feat a few days after returning from his enlistment. Accompanying him are ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo and Jin’s fellow member Jimin. The trio has secured the top three spots in June’s rankings for brand reputation, as per the Korean Business Research Institute.

For the unversed, these rankings were determined by analyzing media coverage, consumer participation, communication, and community awareness indexes of around 730 boy group members. The data for the current month was collected from May 15 to June 15 to compile all these insights.


Details on the brand reputation rankings

BTS’ Jin is at the top of June’s rankings as he witnessed a remarkable 203.52 percent increase in his brand reputation index. This makes for a total score of 3,835,261. Several key phrases like ARMY, free hug, and fan meeting contributed to his high-standing ranking. A few other phrases include discharge, thankful, and congratulate. Then comes Jin’s positivity-negativity analysis which also showed an impressive 95.07 percent positive reaction rate.

Cha Eun Wo in the second position

ASTRO member Cha Eun Woo secured second place after BTS’ Jin. His brand reputation index for June is 3,604,710. This makes for a 24.97 percent increase from May’s score. He achieved a brand reputation index of 2,884,446 in May. Meanwhile, key phrases in Eun Woo’s keyword analysis include Face Genius, Moonbin, and You Quiz on the Block. Other related terms include sweet, reveal, and tear up. Finally, Eun Woo’s positivity-negativity analysis showed a 92.77 percent positive reaction rate.

BTS’ Jimin in the third place

Jin’s fellow BTS member Jimin grabbed third place with a 25.64 percent increase in the June brand reputation index. This makes for 2,258,664 this month. Jimin also secured fifth place with a brand reputation index of 1,797,755 in May. This marks a significant 55.22 percent rise in the BTS member’s score since April.