BTS’ Jin tries his hands at self-made alcohol with chef Baek Jong Won

Credit: Twitter

BTS member Jin is up for some fun and the latest updates related to him are proof. The audience was happy to witness a new teaser that was dropped on the group’s official YouTube channel for some behind-the-scenes content. Yes, we are talking about BANGTANTV here where everyone witnesses Jin embarking on a new adventure in Drunken Truth. Now, let’s talk about Jin’s partner in the new teaser is none other than popular chef Baek Jong Won himself who joins him to put their skills to the test in the traditional market.

Drunken Truth

Talking about the new teaser, it shows the two friends making alcohol as they call it the dream of those individuals who love to drink. We can’t stop but talk about the eldest member of the BTS’ adorable behavior, wit, and honesty that wows everyone as he learns how to make some fine drinks. He also challenges his partner and renowned chef Baek Jong Won to figure out who is the most popular one among both. The two of them go further to check whose handmade alcohol would be the favorite one among traditional shop owners and merchants in the market. Talking about Drunken Truth, it will have four episodes and the first two are already dropping on November 12 and the other two on November 19, at 10 pm KST.

[BTS 진 with 백종원] 취중진담 TEASER

Earlier news

BTS member Jin’s fans have a reason to celebrate because his latest track ‘The Astronaut’ has entered Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for the first time. According to the latest reports, the track has debuted on the chart on the said chart at the number 51 position. With this, the eldest member of the Septet has achieved the third-highest debut of all time, after PSY’s Gentleman which was ranked at number 12 in 2013, and Hangover which ranked at number 26 in 2014.

Jin’s fellow mates Suga and Jungkook had earlier also made entries into the top 30 of the Hot 100 chart. However, the two of them achieved this milestone as feature artists. Talking about Jungkook, he made an entry into the chart ‘Left and Right’ feat Charlie Puth, and Suga made his debut at number 29 with his WRDL track titled ‘Girl of My Dreams.’