BTS’ Jin’s birthday fan project at Incheon airport draws attention for THIS reason

BTS' Jin
Credit: Instagram

As BTS’s Jin’s birthday approaches on December 4, 2023, ARMYs are leaving no stone unturned to celebrate their beloved idol. In a recent fan project, one of his fans purchased an ad at Incheon Airport to honor Jin. The ad features the “worldwide handsome” idol along with a birthday wish.

The Viral TikTok Moment

The fan project gained attention when a video of the ad circulated on TikTok. Fans noticed that Jin’s head appeared larger than the rest of the body due to the angle from which the video was shot and the location of the ad on the ceiling. The video turned into a trending sensation on TikTok, with millions of fans viewing and sharing it, leading to various memes and reactions.

Hysterical Reactions and Airport Excitement

While some fans found the situation hysterical, others expressed their excitement, with some planning to visit the airport to catch a glimpse of Jin’s unique birthday ad. Celebrations for K-pop idols’ birthdays often involve fan projects, and this incident adds a humorous and memorable touch to Jin’s upcoming celebration.

Previous Birthday Project and BTS Documentary

This isn’t the first time Jin’s fan base has organized a birthday project. A previous collaboration with an airline involved customized boarding passes with Jin’s photo, although HYBE LABELS halted the fanbase partnership project.

As Jin, J-Hope, and SUGA are completing their mandatory military service, the remaining members, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, have initiated their military enlistment process as of November 22.

In addition to the birthday celebrations, BTS fans can look forward to the premiere of the original documentary, “BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star,” on December 20, providing an intimate look into the group’s journey over the past 10 years.