BTS’ Jin’s hilarious comments on J-Hope’s Weverse letter wins Army’s hearts

Credit: Twitter

BTS member Jin has once again amused fans with his witty and savage comments, this time on J-Hope’s Weverse letter. Both Jin and J-Hope are currently serving in the military, and they recently revealed their positions and promotions.

J-Hope’s Promotion to Assistant Instructor

J-Hope, who is currently serving in the military, shared with fans that he was promoted to the position of an assistant instructor after successfully passing the assistant instructor interview exams at the 36th Infantry Division Recruit Training Center.

Jin’s Reaction and Playful Banter

In response to J-Hope’s announcement, Jin humorously called out J-Hope for copying his content and commented, “J-Hope’s letter, what is this, why are you copying my content, deposit money to me.” He further joked, “A Private First Class copied the idea of A Corporal, don’t think of locking eyes with me when you are out on vacation.” Jin playfully revealed his own promotion from assistant instructor to the position of corporal while engaging in friendly banter under J-Hope’s post. Adding to the humor, Jin amusingly asked J-Hope to join the special forces, stating, “And know that you will bring shame on BTS if you don’t join special… Do it by the end of this month.”

Fans’ Reaction and Enjoyment

BTS fans greatly enjoyed Jin’s hilarious comments, finding his lighthearted and unserious nature delightful. They expressed their laughter and joy, stating that they could hear Jin’s voice and J-Hope’s giggles in their minds as they read the comments. Fans appreciated the playful banter between the BTS members, describing it as pure love and a testament to their strong bond.

Who Are Jin and J-Hope?

Jin and J-Hope are both members of the South Korean boy band BTS.

Jin, whose full name is Kim Seokjin, is one of the vocalists in BTS. He was born on December 4, 1992, in Gwacheon, South Korea. Jin is known for his stunning visuals, warm personality, and melodious vocals. He has contributed to many of BTS’s hit songs and has gained recognition for his charming stage presence. Jin’s playful and witty nature often entertains fans, and his comments and interactions with other members are highly anticipated.

J-Hope, whose real name is Jung Hoseok, is a rapper and dancer in BTS. He was born on February 18, 1994, in Gwangju, South Korea. J-Hope is known for his incredible dance skills, energetic performances, and vibrant personality. He brings an infectious energy to the group’s music and has a versatile rap style.