BTS’ Jin’s message to the Army wins everyone’s hearts

Credit: Twitter

BTS’ Jin took a moment to connect with fans as summer drew to a close. The official X handle of BTS shared the eldest member of the band’s heartwarming message, continuing his tradition of sending monthly messages to the ARMY. Despite his absence as he serves in the military, fans couldn’t contain their excitement and affection for the adorable video.

Jin’s August Message for the Army

In a playful GIF-style video titled “Message from Jin: Aug 2023,” Jin, also known as Kim Seokjin, appeared, waving a pink bubble wand from left to right. Dressed in a white hoodie and jogger pants from his The Astronaut Merch collection, he wore purple heart-shaped glasses that added to his charm. With endearing gestures, Jin paused to gaze at the ARMY, leaving fans enchanted. The post on the BTS’ official X (formerly Twitter) handle garnered an outpouring of love and affection from fans who appreciated his warm message as summer bid adieu.

Jin’s Ongoing Journey

As the eldest member of BTS, Jin was the first to begin his military service in South Korea. Prior to his enlistment, he gifted fans a farewell song named “The Astronaut,” collaborating with Coldplay. He even performed this heartfelt song live during Coldplay’s MUSIC of the SPHERES Tour stop in Argentina. Jin’s military service is expected to conclude by June 2024. In the company of Jin, J-Hope is also fulfilling his military duty, while Suga is poised to be the next BTS member to enlist after recently wrapping up his Agust D world tour. Notably, Jimin and Jungkook have already embarked on their solo journeys with the albums “FACE” and “SEVEN,” respectively. Furthermore, V is anticipated to make his solo debut with the album “Layover,” while RM is projected to release new music by year’s end.