BTS’ Jin’s ‘The Astronaut’ creates multiple records in the UK and Japan music markets

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It has been just a week since Jin and Coldplay’s collaborative track ‘The Astronaut’ was released, and it seems like it has already started winning hearts! The song has reportedly become a huge success and keeps breaking records one day after another. Unfortunately, the promotions for the new track have currently paused because of the current mourning period in Korea over the tragic Halloween stampede. So, fans are assured that more content related to the solo single is yet to be released.


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The Astronaut’s performance

Talking about ‘The Astronaut,’ the solo track has performed excellently on the global scene despite getting huge competition from Taylor Swift and Drake’s album and Rihanna’s new single. According to the latest reports, “the Astronaut’ has topped the US iTunes chart in less than 1.5 hours and topped the sales charts, with over 500k streams in a day. Now, everyone is waiting for the billboard charts that will be published in a few days.

Jin’s records

Talking about BTS member Jin, he is already breaking records in two of the largest music markets in the world – Japan and the UK. ‘The Astronaut’ has reportedly debuted at number 61 on the UK Official Singles Chart and has bagged the highest debut for a Korean solo track. It has also made its name as the highest debut on the UK Official Singles Sales and Download Chart at the number 2 position. Jin’s unofficial releases, such as ‘Abyss,’ ‘Tonight,’ debuted on the UK charts. ‘The Astronaut’ further reached number 1 on the UK iTunes chart on the very first day of its release.

BTS’ Jin’s military enlistment

BTS member Jin’s solo track dropped on October 28, 2022, at 1 pm KST. It was only after a few hours after the song’s release that Jin held a live broadcast to celebrate the new track. It was during the same time that the BTS member talked about a whole lot of things, including his new song, music, and, most importantly, his upcoming military enlistment.


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The Astronaut

On October 24, 2022, the first concept photos with the theme titled ‘Outlander’ were shared on social media with the fans. There is no denying that the BTS member won hearts within no time. We can see him holding a planet as he is dressed in a black outfit. He stares solemnly at a galaxy full of planets and stars surrounding him. Then we move towards the next set of photos that are a testament to the K-pop idol’s charm as he stares over the deep blue sky in the sparkling planet.

What followed up was the release of the single track’s teaser, its release on October 28, and an excellent live performance!