BTS’ Jungkook and NewJeans charm fans with the 3D and Ditto challenge

BTS Richest Member

TS member Jungkook and the talented members of NewJeans recently joined forces to participate in the widely popular 3D and Ditto dance challenges. Their heartwarming collaboration delighted fans and showcased their impressive dance moves, further solidifying their presence as top-tier K-pop idols.

On October 15, 2023, Jungkook and NewJeans excitedly shared their collaborative performance video of the 3D and Ditto dance challenges across their respective social media platforms. Fans had eagerly anticipated this interaction, and the video did not disappoint.

Jungkook’s 3D and NewJeans’ Ditto

Jungkook embarked on his solo journey and released “3D” on September 29, a track that features Jack Harlow. The song has experienced significant success since its release, dominating various music charts and setting new records for the multi-talented artist. “3D” is also set to be featured on Jungkook’s upcoming album, “GOLDEN,” scheduled for release on November 3. The album will include his previous single, “Seven,” featuring Latto. Jungkook’s passion for dance was further showcased as he took on the 3D challenge with fellow K-pop group Tomorrow X Together and participated in the “Chasing That Feeling” challenge.

NewJeans’ Unveiling

NewJeans, on the other hand, unveiled their song “Ditto” in December 2022. This catchy track rapidly gained popularity on the internet and contributed to the rising fame of the rookie group. Notably, the performance video for “Ditto” recently achieved a remarkable milestone by surpassing 100 million views on YouTube on October 15. This achievement solidifies the song’s status as a fan favorite.

“Ditto” hails from NewJeans’ debut album, “OMG,” which not only secured a spot on the Billboard 200 chart but also earned recognition in eight different countries. The success of “Ditto” further underscores NewJeans’ impact on the K-pop scene. Impressively, “Hype Boy,” “OMG,” and “Super Shy” have also previously exceeded 100 million views, making the “Ditto” performance video their fourth video to attain this impressive feat.

This charming collaboration and the rising popularity of both Jungkook and NewJeans have reaffirmed their places in the hearts of fans and in the K-pop industry. The fusion of 1990s-2000s styles, characteristic of NewJeans, continues to resonate with the public, cementing their position as beloved performers in the K-pop realm.