BTS’ Jungkook announces new solo track 3D with concept photos and teasers

Credit: Instagram

In an unexpected turn of events, BTS member Jungkook has thrilled fans worldwide by revealing a forthcoming collaboration single with Jack Harlow. This exciting revelation occurred during the golden maknae’s performance at the Global Citizen Festival. There is no denying that, once again, he left the audience in awe and anticipation.

“3D”: A New Solo Endeavor

For the unversed, Jungkook’s soon-to-be-released solo track is titled “3D.” It is slated to drop on September 29, 2023, at 1 p.m. KST. The unexpected collaboration of the BTS member with Jack Harlow has sent shockwaves of excitement among fans. Not only that, but the song also marks the second solo release by Jungkook in 2023, the first being SEVEN, which is already creating a lot of buzz across all music charts.

정국 (Jung Kook) '3D' Hero Film 01

Teaser Films and Concept Photos

Ahead of 3D’s release, Jungkook surprised fans with a series of teaser films and concept photos. These visuals, including concept photos titled “1D,” showcased JK’s mesmerizing visuals and style. BIGHIT MUSIC also treated fans to two teaser films, ‘3D’ Hero Film 01 and ‘3D’ Hero Film 02, where Jungkook exuded charisma in various outfits and settings.

With each teaser and visual reveal, excitement among fans has soared. The agency revealed that Jungkook aims to present three dimensions of an enigmatic persona through expressive visuals and music.

정국 (Jung Kook) '3D' Hero Film 02

Global Citizen Music Festival Highlights

Jungkook’s recent performance at the Global Citizen Music Festival on September 23, 2023, left a lasting impression. Fans were treated to a spectacular show, complete with 3D’s teaser hinting at his upcoming musical endeavor. The BTS member commenced his set with crowd-favorite songs like “Still With You” and “Euphoria.” He also delighted the audience with a medley of BTS chart-toppers, including “Butter,” “Permission to Dance,” and “Dynamite.” These memorable moments left fans eagerly anticipating what’s to come with the release of “3D.”