BTS’ Jungkook gets emotional seeing his fans’ sweet gesture

BTS Jungkook
Credit: Instagram

In a heartwarming display of appreciation, BTS’ Jungkook recently went live on Weverse to connect with his beloved fans, ARMYs. While the live session started with the usual banter and interactions, Jungkook was in for a sweet surprise. Fans had prepared a special song called “Love Letters” in celebration of BTS’ 10th debut anniversary.

Overwhelmed by this unexpected and heartfelt gift, Jungkook couldn’t hold back his emotions and was visibly moved to tears. Touched by the gesture, he expressed his gratitude and even requested the ARMYs to release the song as a physical album, so he could cherish it as a keepsake.

Jungkook’s Solo Debut “Seven”

Following the release of his solo debut track “Seven,” Jungkook shared exciting insights during his Weverse Live session. He revealed that the song had achieved extraordinary outcomes, topping the US Billboard’s prestigious Hot 100 chart. Despite not appearing on a Korean music show immediately after the success, Jungkook had a heartwarming surprise in store for his fans. He expressed his desire to perform on a Korean music show soon to thank the ARMYs for their unwavering support. Jungkook’s heartfelt gratitude for reaching such a significant milestone was evident as he thanked his fans for helping him achieve this remarkable feat.

A Special Performance on ‘Inkigayo’

Jungkook’s dedication to his fans knows no bounds. Even amidst a packed schedule, he made a decision in haste, expressing his eagerness to perform on a Korean music show. After consulting with his company, BTS’ golden maknae decided to make this heartfelt gesture to connect with the ARMYs on a personal level. With his appearance on ‘Inkigayo,’ Jungkook aims to showcase his gratitude to the fans who made his Hot 100 achievement possible. Though he initially expected a smaller audience, the overwhelming love and support from the ARMYs made this performance even more special for Jungkook.

An Unforgettable Moment for ARMYs

As anticipation builds for Jungkook’s upcoming performance on ‘Inkigayo,’ both the idol and his fans are eager for the heartwarming connection that will ensue. The unexpected song “Love Letters” and Jungkook’s achievements on the global stage have created an unforgettable moment in the hearts of the ARMYs. The love and support between BTS and their fans continue to strengthen, and Jungkook’s sincere emotions serve as a reminder of the incredible bond they share.


Jungkook’s recent Weverse Live session showcased not only his immense talent but also his genuine love for his fans. The heartwarming surprise from the ARMYs, his successful solo debut, and the upcoming performance on ‘Inkigayo’ have solidified the remarkable connection between BTS and their devoted fan base. As Jungkook continues to share his emotions and achievements, the bond between him and the ARMYs remains as strong as ever, making every moment shared truly special.