BTS’ Jungkook interacts with his fans outside Budapest hotel; See reactions

Credit: Instagram

BTS’ Jungkook was recently spotted at Incheon Airport en route to an undisclosed overseas commitment. While fans were excited about his travel, they speculated that Jungkook, who was carrying a camera, might share his journey with them soon.

On October 17, 2023, a video surfaced showing fans congregating outside the BTS member’s hotel, which was reportedly in Budapest, Hungary. As he exited the hotel, he graciously greeted fans with a respectful bow, earning admiration for his sweetness and the fans’ respectful behavior.

However, the video sparked a mixed response. Some fans criticized the act of waiting outside Jungkook’s hotel as “sasaeng behavior,” which is deemed inappropriate due to its intrusion on idols’ privacy. Many were also surprised by Jungkook’s calm demeanor, given the large crowd gathered outside his hotel. Jungkook has consistently emphasized the importance of respecting his privacy, so while he happily greeted fans, it’s understandable that some ARMYs were displeased with the video.

BTS’ Jungkook’s Recent Activities

Jungkook has been keeping busy with various activities. In a recent collaboration, he joined forces with TOMORROW X TOGETHER, showcasing their talent and irresistible charm in the 3D and Chasing That Feeling challenge. Fans were delighted by their dance performance and eagerly anticipated more interactions between the two groups.

Moreover, Jungkook is scheduled to perform at the upcoming European Music Awards 2023, just two days after the release of his highly anticipated solo album, “GOLDEN,” on November 3, 2023. Fans are buzzing with excitement, speculating that his performance may feature tracks from the debut album. EMA has added to the anticipation by teasing fans with a motion poster of the 3D singer.

Jungkook Continues to Shine on Global Music Charts

As a soloist, the BTS member continues to dominate global music charts. His solo tracks, “Seven” and “3D,” have once again secured top positions on the Billboard charts. “Seven” has been a consistent presence on the charts for 13 consecutive weeks, maintaining its popularity since its release in July 2023.

Meanwhile, “3D” made a powerful debut at No. 1 and has held its position on the chart for two weeks and counting. Jungkook’s remarkable success as a solo artist showcases his immense talent and popularity in the global music industry.