BTS’ Jungkook is all praises for SEVENTEEN’S Super; Makes a delightful comeback on Weverse

Credit: Instagram

After a brief hiatus from the Weverse live function due to his solo album preparations, BTS’s Jungkook surprised fans with a highly anticipated return. During his recent live broadcast on May 24, the group’s maknae (youngest member) delighted fans with his playful antics and interactions, leaving everyone laughing and entertained.

Jungkook’s Hilarious Interaction with SEVENTEEN

Jungkook shared a funny anecdote about a gym session where he asked SEVENTEEN member Jun to teach him the dance moves from their latest comeback song, ‘Super.’ He revealed that fellow ’97 liner Mingyu and a friend kept teasing him to do a dance challenge, which he playfully declined. Jungkook even attempted the dance challenge during the live broadcast, practicing it multiple times. Fans of both groups celebrated this interaction, expressing their excitement and even requesting Jungkook to join SEVENTEEN’s dance for ‘Super.’

Praise for SEVENTEEN’s Show ‘Going Seventeen’

During the live session, Jungkook praised SEVENTEEN’s entertainment show, ‘Going Seventeen,’ known for its innovative and humorous content. He gave a shoutout to his friends in the group, mentioning Mingyu, Myungoh, Dokyeom, and Seungkwan, expressing his enjoyment while watching the show. This display of camaraderie further delighted fans of both BTS and SEVENTEEN.

Jungkook’s Lookalike and TikTok Updates

In another interesting revelation, Jungkook shared his amusement about being compared to actor Shim Hyung Tak’s to-be-wife, who resembled him during his debut days. Fans had noticed the resemblance when she was introduced on a variety program, and Jungkook playfully acknowledged the similarities. Furthermore, Jungkook mentioned his presence on TikTok, expressing his engagement with ongoing trends and popular songs. However, he noted that he tries to keep the volume low due to a previous noise complaint from his neighbors about the vibrations.


Jungkook’s return to Weverse Live was met with excitement and joy from fans. Through his playful interactions, dance challenges, and praise for fellow artists, he showcased his close relationships within the industry. Fans enjoyed his lighthearted moments and appreciated his efforts to stay connected with them through live broadcasts.