BTS’ Jungkook is named the ‘sexiest man’ at 25 by a renowned magazine

Credit: Instagram

BTS’ youngest member Jungkook’s fans have found another reason to rejoice now! For the unversed, he has been named the sexiest man at the age of 25 years on People Magazine’s ‘Sexy at Every Age.’ The renowned magazine recently released its latest ranking of the sexiest male celebrities between the ages of 18 to 70 years. The magazine shows one celebrity for each age who according to its sources is the sexiest one in that particular category.

Other celebrities

Apart from Jungkook, other celebrities like Nick Jonas, Austin Butler, Hayden Christensen, etc., are among the global stars to be chosen as the sexiest men of their respective age groups. For the unversed, this is the second time that Jungkook has made it to the list of ‘the sexiest men’ after he was chosen for the same category in 2020.

Earlier news

BTS member Jungkook is currently making headlines but for a totally different reason. This is regarding the lost hat of the K-pop star. It so happened that earlier, a netizen noted someone trying to sell a hat that claimed was worn by the youngest member of the BTS. It caused anger among people who expressed anger over the individual responsible for putting the hat on sale.

Talking about the hat, it was reportedly left by Jungkook at the passport department of the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs waiting room which he visited to get his diplomatic passport. As HYBE states, Jungkook went to the office in September 2021 when he initially lost the hat. It was someone working at the same office who acquired the hat and tried to sell it online for 10 million KRW (70,100 USD). Talking about the accessory, it originally costs about 90,600 KRW (64.50 USD). This has further infuriated the netizens as the person was aiming for higher gains. Eventually, the Seokcho Police Station took up the matter and launched an investigation. It was after that a former Ministry Of Foreign Affairs employee turned themselves in.


The former government is said to have added that nobody had come to claim the item in over six months, even after reporting about the same. This, said the official, prompted them to make it their property and sell it online, as mentioned in their sales post. They also mentioned that the price of the hat had increased to a higher cost because it was personally worn by a global star. However, the investigation revealed that no such report was made at the official ministry or sent to the police. The authorities concluded the investigation after HYBE’s confirmation of the lost item and the official admitting their fault. According to the latest reports, the one who is caught may face embezzlement charges. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also faced a lot of criticism owing to the incident. However, it was later revealed later that the person was not working with them anymore.