BTS’ Jungkook may have accidentally revealed V’s TikTok account; Here’s how

V and Jungkook
Credit: Twitter

BTS member Jungkook often engages with fans on social media platforms. In a recent episode, he may have unintentionally let slip a clue regarding a potentially hidden TikTok account belonging to his fellow BTS member, V.

It all began when Jungkook shared a video of the K-pop group ENHYPEN dancing to his song “Seven” on the platform Weverse. Little did he realize that sharing this video would inadvertently reveal his own TikTok profile. TikTok suggests following the person who shares a video link, briefly exposing Jungkook’s account. He promptly altered the name and handle of the account but continued to interact with his followers by sharing and liking videos.

The Secret TikTok Account

Subsequently, in a more recent development, Jungkook began following an additional account on TikTok. Among the 182 accounts he follows are fellow K-pop idols, the official BTS account, Calvin Klein, and more. The TikTok handle in question was “henssnun0hv.” However, Jungkook quickly unfollowed this account, attracting the attention of fans who soon began speculating about the account’s identity.

The Account in Question

While there isn’t definitive proof that this TikTok account belongs to V, fans have pointed out intriguing details that raise suspicions. The profile picture depicts a close-up of a forehead, bearing a remarkable resemblance to V’s facial features and mole. Furthermore, the account’s bio features a saxophone emoji, signifying the instrument V is known to play. Lastly, the Hangul version of the display name appears to represent “V.”

Jungkook’s Plans

Jungkook has more exciting developments on the horizon. He is preparing to launch his debut solo album, titled “GOLDEN,” in November, which will include a special on-stage performance. His popularity remains robust, as evidenced by his top position for brand reputation, marking the fourth consecutive month he has held this distinction with an impressive index of 5,492,306. Jungkook’s enduring engagement with fans continues to keep him in the spotlight.