BTS’ Jungkook’s official ‘Dreamers’ MV for 2022 FIFA World Cup out now

BTS Richest Member

The official music video for BTS’ Jungkook’s Dreamers is here and we are already in dreams. The youngest member of the septet who had visited Qatar in October for the 2022 FIFA World Cup promotions, was spotted shooting in a white-colored outfit on the streets. The music video which was shot then is now released as a part of the official soundtrack music video for Kookie’s latest release ‘Dreamers’.

The MV for Dreamers

The music video begins with BTS member Jungkook surrounded by Qatari culture. Then we witness him moving through a plush hallway full of chandeliers. It is there that he is led to a beacon of light and then the song Dreamers starts playing. We are then taken across the sea where we get to meet singer and record producer Fahad Al Kubaisi. The latter stands on a ship as he croons the beautiful song.

Then the video mesmerizes us by giving a glimpse skyscraper’s helipad and Jungkook dressed in a chic outfit. There is no denying that the BTS member is charismatic in his performance. The music video then ends with a row of flags of nations participating in the FIFA World Cup 2022. We can also witness the whale shark in the video who holds great relevance to Qatar and the BTS fandom who see it as their unofficial representative.

정국 Jung Kook (of BTS) featuring Fahad Al Kubaisi - Dreamers | FIFA World Cup 2022 Soundtrack

Jungkook in Qatar

There is no denying that BTS member Jungkook was the star of the night at the 2022 FIFA World Cup’s opening ceremony that kickstarted on November 20, 2022. For the unversed, the event took place at the retractable roof football stadium in Al Khor, Qatar. The Al-Bayt Stadium was filled with football fans from around the world and everyone was mesmerized by Kookie’s performance in no time!

Opening Ceremony

Ahead of the opening match of the FIFA World Cup 2022 between Qatar and Ecuador, the stadium witnessed the presence of more than 60,000 audience members including the teams of the sport. In the midst of all this, the fans happily welcomed Jungkook for a performance alongside Qatari singer Fahad Al Kubaisi who is also a record producer. The BTS member started alone by singing his newly released track titled Dreamers while shifting to his moves later. Halfway through the stage, Kubaisi also joined him with his splendid voice taking over. Fans were ecstatic as the two hugged it out at the center and Jungkook closed it off with a solo verse of the track at the end.