BTS’ Jungkook pens heartfelt letter for the ARMY after military enlistment process

Credit: Twitter

BTS member Jungkook has shared a heartfelt letter with fans, announcing his upcoming military enlistment. The letter, posted on Weverse, reflects the idol’s emotions as he prepares to begin a new journey in December.

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Credit: Weverse

Reflecting on Precious Memories

Jungkook opened the letter by acknowledging the chilly weather of late November and revealed that in December, he would be entering military service. Expressing a mix of emotions, he admitted to feeling a bit heavy-hearted but also warmed by the memories spent with ARMY, describing those moments as the brightest in his life.

Gratitude to Fans

The BTS member expressed deep gratitude to fans for their support, laughter, and love, attributing their unwavering support to his current point in his career. He thanked fans for walking with him and supporting his dreams, emphasizing that every memory with ARMY was significant.

Promising a Return with Maturity

While acknowledging that he couldn’t be selfish and ask fans to wait, Jungkook promised to return to the stage with a more mature side. He urged fans to wait patiently during his military service, expressing his love for them. “I’m careful to tell you to wait for me while I’m in the military. A year and a half is a long time, so I can’t say anything selfish. I promise that I’ll be back on stage with a more mature side where I always am. I hope ARMY’s lives will always be full of laughter and happiness,” he wrote.

Recent Solo Achievements

Jungkook’s enlistment announcement comes after the release of his debut solo album, “GOLDEN,” on November 3. The album featured collaborations with artists like Latto and Jack Harlow. Additionally, Jungkook held his first solo concert in Seoul on November 20, which was live-streamed for global fans to showcase his impressive solo endeavors.