BTS member Jungkook pours out his feelings in Proof of Inspiration clipping

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It all started on May 16, 2022, and it seems like the BTS members haven’t stopped yet! Yes, we are talking about the promotions for the anthology album Proof here. As a part of the same, each member was supposed to feature in Proof of Inspiration clippings on social media. The BTS members would be talking about the discography of the upcoming album including their favorite tracks from the same. They would also be addressing the army in the clippings.

While V, Jin, and Jimin have already featured in the Proof of Inspiration videos, it was time for the youngest member, Jungkook to feature in the clip. Well, yes, the golden maknae did feature in the latest video and poured his heart out in the sweetest manner.

Jungkook Says!


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Jungkook took the opportunity to reveal his favorite tracks from Proof which include his solo song Euphoria, and the vocal line song titled Dimple. Moreover, just like the other members of the BTS, he also shares his sweet ‘proofs’ of life that are none other than the army themselves. He smiles while making songs for them in a true maknae style!

Check out the video below.

Previous BTS clips

The previous clips of the BTS members show V, Jin, and Jimin’s favorite tracks from the album. As for Kim Taehyung, he chose his solo song Singularity and the vocal line Zero O’Clock. Talking about the eldest member, Jin, he picked the solo song Moon and the unit song Jamais Vu. Lastly, Jimin picked his solo song titled Filter and his duet with V titled Friends.

Going by the order in which the BTS members are featured in the videos, it is expected that the Septet’s leader RM will be the next one to pour out his feelings.

BTS comeback album

The Bangtan Boys have confirmed their comeback album and we couldn’t be more excited about it! It was on May 5 at 0 am KST that BTS dropped a teaser of their comeback and also revealed the name of the new album. The official logo was revealed during the live stream on the band’s official YouTube channel BANGTANTV.

The BTS members have already unveiled their plans for June, and they are all related to their new album. So, they will be releasing an anthology album with 3 CDs that will include their past tracks. It is all set to drop this coming June with three new songs added to the already popular mix. Wondering what is the name of the album? It is Proof and will be a mix of the group’s past albums, and their present selves including their future. The said album will be available for pre-orders starting on May 5, 2022, at 11 am KST. So, the much-anticipated album is all set to release on June 10, 2022.