BTS’ Jungkook recalls his shoulder injury during the 3D listening party

Credit: Instagram

BTS’ Jungkook is currently basking in the success of his latest hit ‘3D’ feat Jack Harlow. He recently opened up about a mysterious scar on his shoulder during a Stationhead listening livestream for his new digital single, “3D,” a collaboration with American rapper Jack Harlow.

The K-pop idol had previously avoided discussing the details of his injury, but he took the opportunity to clarify what happened during the live stream.

The Shoulder Injury Revelation

Jungkook disclosed that he sustained the injury during a Calvin Klein Fall 2023 campaign shoot. He described how he slipped on a slippery surface in a parking lot, resulting in a shoulder injury and a temporarily impaired finger. He assured fans that he was currently in good health and shared a light-hearted laugh about not revealing the story earlier. Part of the campaign’s photoshoot took place in a garage, where Jungkook wore a denim jacket and crop top. He explained how the injury affected his fingers for a while but emphasized that his shoulder had completely healed.

Handling Online Trolls with Grace

During the same Stationhead listening party live stream, Jungkook demonstrated his ability to handle online trolls gracefully. Some individuals in the chat section mentioned that they had been exploring other idol groups as well. Instead of ignoring them, Jungkook responded with understanding, stating that it was perfectly okay for fans to explore other groups and exercise their freedom and rights. He acknowledged the presence of haters but expressed his commitment to working hard for his fans and those who love him.

Release of “3D: The Remixes”

Aside from Jungkook’s revelation, “3D” saw the release of four different versions on YouTube and Spotify under the title “3D: The Remixes.” The tracks include “3D (Clean Ver.),” “3D (A. G. Cook Remix),” “3D (Sped Up),” and “3D (Slowed Down),” offering fans a variety of interpretations of the original song. This release gave fans even more ways to enjoy the hit single.