BTS’ Jungkook requests ‘date’ ideas from the Army and fans are excited

Stay Alive

As BTS’s Jungkook gears up for his solo concert, GOLDEN: Live on Stage in Seoul, he has added a personal and romantic touch to his interaction with ARMYs. The youngest member of BTS has presented a captivating questionnaire, intensifying the anticipation for the upcoming event.

On November 14, 2023, JK shared a sincere letter along with the questionnaire, connecting with ARMYs on a deeper level. His transparent and affectionate communication style has endeared him to fans, creating a sense of excitement and intimacy leading up to the solo concert on November 20.

Jungkook’s Romantic Quiz

The questionnaire consists of six questions that delve into romantic scenarios, such as sharing a meal together or spending a day with the golden maknae. One particularly intriguing question speculates on Jungkook’s actions if all ARMYs in the audience were to close their eyes for a moment, adding an element of mystery to the concert experience.

The BTS Member’s Billboard Triumph

On November 13, 2023, Jungkook achieved a remarkable feat on the Billboard charts with his latest release, “Standing Next To You,” the title track of his solo debut album GOLDEN. The song secured the fifth position on the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 music chart, reaffirming JK’s solo success.

Global Leadership on Billboard

“Standing Next To You” propelled Jungkook to the top of both the Billboard Global 200 and Billboard Global Excl. U.S. songs charts. This accomplishment solidifies him as the third BTS member to achieve solo leadership on each survey. Jungkook’s previous successes with “3D” featuring Jack Harlow and “Seven” featuring Latto contributed to this groundbreaking milestone.

Historic Billboard Achievement

The BTS member’s achievement on the Billboard Hot 100 establishes him as the only K-pop solo artist with the most entries in the top 10, surpassing the previous tie held with PSY. This historic milestone further cemented Jungkook’s impact and influence in the global music industry.

Jungkook’s personal engagement with ARMYs and his chart dominance showcase his multifaceted talents and enduring popularity, setting the stage for an unforgettable solo concert experience.