BTS’ Jungkook reveals names of K-pop icons in his playlist

Credit: Instagram

BTS’ Jungkook recently graced Spotify’s K-Pop ON! YouTube channel with his presence to promote his newly released album “GOLDEN.” The interaction proved to be a delightful experience for fans as he participated in Q&A sessions and enjoyed some fun activities. Jungkook’s engaging appearance was met with enthusiasm, and he offered intriguing insights during the session.

Exploring K-Pop on Spotify

One captivating segment of the interview involved Jungkook’s exploration of Spotify’s K-Pop ON! Playlist. This playlist on the audio streaming app showcases the latest releases by South Korean artists, and Jungkook was excited to dive into it.

The BTS star expressed his familiarity with several songs featured in the playlist, demonstrating his genuine appreciation for fellow artists in the K-pop industry. He recalled the names of some tracks he had heard, revealing his wide-ranging musical interests.

Acknowledging BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Among the songs that Jungkook acknowledged was “You & Me” by BLACKPINK’s Jennie, which made its debut in October 2023. The revelation of this connection between the BTS and BLACKPINK members delighted fans of both groups. Jungkook’s mention of the track sparked excitement and conversations among music enthusiasts.

Exploring NewJeans’ “Ditto”

Another song that resonated with Jungkook was “Ditto” by NewJeans. He expressed his deep affinity for this track by sharing that he had listened to it a remarkable 30 times. During the interview’s “healing time” segment, where he was asked about the song he wanted to listen to, Jungkook promptly mentioned “Ditto.”

He also shared a heartwarming anecdote about his experience with the song. Jungkook revealed that during a snowboarding trip with BTS’ V and friends, they all sat down to listen to “Ditto” by NewJeans. Despite his initial anticipation of going snowboarding again, the others were too exhausted, so Jungkook decided to stay back. He listened to “Ditto” repeatedly, savoring every note of the song.

Jungkook’s Musical Tastes

Jungkook’s appreciation for a diverse range of music and his genuine enjoyment of songs by fellow K-pop artists continue to endear him to fans. His insights into his playlist choices and the heartfelt story behind his connection to “Ditto” offer a deeper understanding of his musical tastes and experiences.