BTS’ Jungkook shows his amazing moves in the dance practice video of SEVEN

Credit: Instagram

BTS member Jungkook currently seems to be on cloud nine after the release of his much-awaited solo track SEVEN. Now, the latest that we know is that the golden maknae has dropped an excellent dance practice video released based on the single solo itself. This particular video was released by none other than the BANGTAN TV channel itself on July 22, 2023. Well, there is no denying that the Army has gone crazy after having seen JK’s dance moves. They could see a completely new side of the ‘Dreamers’ singer as he took to the dancing platform to show his skills.

The Dance Video Details

As we can see in the video, Jungkook is not alone in his dance practice. Four more amazing dancers join him as they mesmerize everyone with their dance moves. All of them groove like a pro to the tunes of JK’s solo track SEVEN. The video went viral as soon as it was released, of course, for obvious reasons. Fans were more than happy to drop in their positive comments on the video while praising Jungkook’s amazing skills. As of now, the Army worldwide is also celebrating the massive success of the BTS member’s SEVEN, which has proved to be a chartbuster in no time. 

Jungkook’s SEVEN

Jungkook collaborated with the talented Latto and My Name actress Han So Hee in the mesmerizing music video for “Seven.” There is no denying that the trio assisted in creating a cinematic masterpiece. The video depicted the golden maknae as a person longing to spend an entire week with his loved one. It also captured the essence of their lover’s quarrel with Han So Hee.

The music video achieved remarkable success on YouTube. It was successful in garnering an astounding number of views. Jungkook also surprised fans with eight different remixes of “Seven,” each with its own unique flavor. From the Weekday version to the Nightfall, Lofi, and Festival versions, every remix brought a fresh yet captivating twist to the song. It undoubtedly left listeners enchanted by the versatility of Jungkook’s talent.

BTS Reunion

BTS member Jungkook also reportedly revealed plans for the group’s reunion. As we all know, Jin and J-Hope have already enlisted for the military while the other members are waiting for their respective time periods. The golden maknae’s words come as a sigh of relief for the Army worldwide, who are waiting eagerly for the band’s reunion.