BTS’ Jungkook shows his brand new side in THESE videos for GOLDEN

BTS Jungkook
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BTS’ Jungkook surprised fans with the release of a captivating series of reels titled “GOLDEN’ Reels Exclusive Series” on November 23, KST. These reels showcase tracks from his highly anticipated first solo debut album, GOLDEN. Fans are buzzing with excitement, speculating that these reels may offer a glimpse into potential unreleased music videos.

Closer To You: A Black and White Tale


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The first reel features the track “Closer To You,” with Jungkook’s soulful vocals setting the tone. The black and white video depicts Jungkook holding a bouquet immersed in thought. As he ascends a staircase, the video concludes with the lyrics “Something In The Air Tonight” displayed on the screen. The reel hints at a beautifully crafted visual narrative.

Yes Or No: A Theatrical Ambiance


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In the second reel showcasing “Yes Or No,” Jungkook holds another bouquet outside a theatre, waiting anxiously. With lyrics like “Tell Me Do You Feel It Too?” echoing, the video takes a dramatic turn as the person he awaits fails to appear. The reel ends with a poignant moment of Jungkook dropping the bouquet, emphasizing the emotional depth of the storyline.

Please Don’t Change: A Heartfelt Phone Call


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The third reel, titled “I’ll be the same..,” accompanies the song “Please Don’t Change.” Jungkook stands in a phone booth, attempting to connect with someone he holds dear. Despite persistent efforts, the person on the other end remains elusive, leaving Jungkook visibly disheartened. The video concludes with the poignant message “Please Don’t Change” displayed on the screens.

Fan Speculations and Interpretations

Fans have keenly interpreted these interconnected reels as part of a cohesive story, portraying Jungkook’s journey of excitement, disappointment, and heartbreak. The storyline appears to unfold with each reel, creating anticipation for potential future releases or music videos.

SEVEN Certification

In addition to these intriguing reels, Jungkook recently achieved a remarkable milestone. His song “SEVEN” received Silver certification from the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) in the UK, solidifying his status as the first solo Korean artist in nearly a decade to achieve such recognition. This noteworthy accomplishment places him in the esteemed company of PSY, marking a significant achievement in his solo career.

Awaiting Further Developments

As fans eagerly await more reels and potential releases from Jungkook’s solo endeavors, these exclusive glimpses into his artistry have undoubtedly left the ARMY excited and intrigued. The ongoing success of BTS members in their individual pursuits continues to shape the landscape of K-pop on a global scale.