BTS’ Jungkook tops Spotify charts with “Standing Next to You”

BTS Jungkook
Credit: Instagram

BTS’ Jungkook continues to showcase his exceptional talent and rise as a remarkable solo artist. His latest achievement comes with his title track, “Standing Next to You,” from the recently released album GOLDEN. On Spotify’s Global charts, Jungkook made history by debuting at No.1 on the daily Global Top Songs chart with over 5 million streams. This remarkable milestone is the third time Jungkook’s solo tracks have reached No.1 on Spotify’s global chart, a feat no other K-pop artist has achieved.

Breaking Records and Setting New Milestones

Jungkook’s chart-topping success surpasses his own group, BTS, and fellow K-pop sensation BLACKPINK, both of which held two No.1 songs on Spotify. This remarkable achievement cements Jungkook as the first K-pop artist in Spotify’s history to claim three distinct No.1 positions. Notably, Jungkook has maintained his No.1 spot on Spotify’s global chart for all his solo songs for an impressive 73 days. Furthermore, “Seven,” one of his previous singles, received Platinum certification for exceeding 1,000,000 units in sales in the United States.

Jungkook’s Highly Anticipated Album, GOLDEN

Jungkook’s first solo album, GOLDEN, released on November 3, has received widespread acclaim and enthusiastic support from fans. The album boasts eleven tracks, with “Standing Next to You” as the title track. Each song elicits different emotions, and the album features collaborations with renowned artists like Major Lazer, DJ Snake, Ed Sheeran, and Shawn Mendes. Prior to the album’s release, Jungkook introduced singles “Seven” and “3D,” both of which achieved remarkable success, including “Seven” attaining Platinum certification in the United States.

Impressive Live Performances and Choreography

Jungkook’s live performances on iHeartRadio and The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon dazzled fans with his world-class vocals and choreography. He recently unveiled the choreography version of “Standing Next to You,” captivating his fandom once again with his exceptional dance skills and stage presence.