BTS’ Jungkook trends on Twitter as he makes a comeback on Instagram

BTS’ Jungkook trends on Twitter as he returns on Instagram
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Has there ever been a time on social media that BTS members have not set a trend or been active? It would be very difficult to jog up our memory on that one. And this time, it has to be Jeon Jungkook, also popularly known as Jungkook. The reason why he is trending is that he has finally returned to Instagram.

His return is marked by commenting on J-Hope’s post mentioning his intense and fiery performance at the Lollapalooza concert. His comment appreciated his hyung’s performance at the Chicago concert. J-hope’s performance at the Lollapalooza event was indeed a riveting and exciting performance that was thoroughly enjoyed by the ARMY worldwide. Not only the fans present at the concert were excited to J-Hope perform, but also the 14/9 million fans online who saw the concert through Weverse.

Commenting on J-Hope’s Instagram post, and appreciating his performance, especially J-Hope being the first ever South Korean idol to headline a Western concert, led to ARMY trending #JUNGKOOK CAME HOME on Twitter.

On Instagram, J-Hope shared a thread which consisted of a couple of candid pictures of himself from the Lollapalooza event. The post was captioned with a note of gratitude extended towards everyone who joined and who was responsible for bringing the act together. Jung Hoseok also mentioned how jittery he was and how it was a dread-filled dream especially because he had to perform for over an hour without any of his other band members.

In addition to this, the Arson singer was also grateful for all his friends who came to support him including Jimin and Becky G at the Lollapalooza concert. He also extended his gratitude to the ARMYs to make the event indelible for him, including his hyung, Jimin, who was the only other band member present to cheer him. However, the rest of the other members would have been present if it wouldn’t have been for their busy schedules.

Jungkook has already expressed his solidarity by commenting on his post. If the caption is loosely translated, it means, ‘You are awesome / Cool J-Hope.’ You can check out the Instagram post here:


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The moment Jungkook commented on J-Hope’s post, ARMYs took the internet by storm. They started tweeting because it has been ages since Jungkook has gone online. Previously, the BTS member used to be extremely active on Instagram; he has held AMAs on Instagram and has often responded to people too. After his Instagram hiatus, take a look at what Jungkook’s comment on J-Hope’s post has led to: