BTS’ Jungkook’s “Golden” album dominates Global Charts

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Jungkook from BTS has carved his name in history with the release of his debut album, “Golden”. The first-week post-release witnessed an extraordinary achievement as all 11 tracks from the album secured top positions on music charts worldwide. Let’s delve into the remarkable milestones attained by this groundbreaking album.

Billboard 200 Triumph

“Golden” has made history by becoming the top-selling album by a solo Korean artist in the sales week history of the prestigious Billboard 200. Jungkook now joins the ranks of his fellow BTS members, with V, Jimin, and Suga, as the highest-charting Korean soloists in Billboard 200’s history.

Global YouTube Domination

The album’s primary track, “Standing Next to You”, skyrocketed to number one on the global YouTube charts for both songs and music videos. With an impressive 41 million streams on YouTube’s Top Songs Global Chart and around 28 million views for the music video, Jungkook became the first Korean solo artist to claim the top spot on the Top Songs Chart with his fourth song.

Spotify Record-Breaking Success

Jungkook, already renowned as the Billboard singer, is on the verge of claiming the title of Spotify’s singer. Seven tracks from “Golden” are currently trending on the Global Spotify Top 200 list. The album has set a new record on the global Spotify Weekly charts, marking the largest debut week for an Asian soloist album.

TikTok Sensation

In a spontaneous move, Jungkook treated the audience to an unplanned performance of “Yes or No” at Times Square. The song gained significant traction on TikTok, amassing over 60,000 video remixes and becoming a trending sensation on the platform.

Sales Records Shattered

Jungkook’s English debut album shattered records for first-day and first-week sales. With over two million copies sold on the release day, “Golden” continued its extraordinary success by reaching a remarkable 2,438,483 copies sold within the first week, solidifying its status as the best-selling soloist album of all time.

 iTunes Chart Domination

The album achieved the impressive feat of reaching the number one position on the iTunes Worldwide Albums Chart an outstanding 93 times. As of November 10, all editions of “Golden” secured the entire top five positions on the US iTunes chart, making Jungkook the K-pop soloist with the highest number of number 1 hits in the history of US iTunes.