BTS’ Jungkook’s LIVE workout session leaves the Army in awe

BTS’ Jungkook becomes a handsome vampire in the latest pictorial project
Credits: Instagram

BTS’ Jungkook recently began a LIVE video straight from his gym and the Army was left excited by the same! For the unversed, Kookie was seen kicking a punching bag in the background! He could also be seen performing some impressive pad work with his gym trainer as a part of his high-intensity training session. There is no denying that many fans drooled watching him do the body workout, which included pushups, kickboxing, and planks.

Jungkook’s attire

Jungkook reportedly wore his signature black T-shirt teamed up with a pair of olive green cargos and finished his look with a pair of excellent boxing gloves while working out with his fitness trainer. If that wasn’t enough, JK’s bandmates J-Hope and Jimin also flooded his live chat while praising his new hairstyle.

Jimin’s plans

Earlier, another member of the BTS, Jimin, confirmed his solo venture by saying, “I think the album I’ve been working on is going to drop in around March. I’m currently preparing lots of things that I can do together with you guys around that time. I’m planning lots of different kinds of things we can do to have fun together and enjoy ourselves, so I think you can safely look forward to it.”

Jungkook’s break

Unlike Jimin, Jungkook seems to be in a mood for a break as he says, “Have I prepared for my album? No, I haven’t prepared for my album. All of you must be anticipating a lot,” and explained, “I have put an all stop (in preparing for the album) and I think it’s become like a habit. I haven’t been doing anything, and I like this, not doing anything.” He shared, “I think I have said this before, but if I was to be reborn, I want to be a rock and I feel like right now I am like a rock.”

JK’s brand journey

BTS member Jungkook has left ARMY excited after a recent instance! It is because Calvin Klein’s Global Head of Creative followed the vocalist on Instagram. Post the same fans were quick to guess if Jungkook might become the renowned brand’s next global ambassador! Not only that but the keyword ‘Calvin Klein’ also started trending on social media. It was followed by the ARMY imagining Kookie as the next BTS member to rule the fashion world.

‘Calvin Klein’ started trending on Twitter a few days ago as BTS’ ARMY came online to share the news that Cédric Murac, the brand’s global head of creative followed the BTS super vocalist on Instagram. However, the official brand has still not followed the Jungkook. Still, die-hard fans are hoping that the singer might be the next member of the Bangtan Boys to rule over the fashion world. The BTS Army expressed their excitement in various ways, including funny memes and photos or videos of Jungkook wearing Calvin Klein on several occasions.