BTS’ Jungkook’s SEVEN makes record on Billboard for 3 weeks constantly

Credit: Instagram

It seems like there is no stopping for BTS member Jungkook in current times. Reason? It was revealed on August 8, 2023, that his latest solo release, SEVEN, has charted for not one but three consecutive weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. As of now, the song continues to rank at number 30 on the same chart. This has surely made the Army happy about the fact that JK still continues to be a part of the popular list. If that was not enough, the golden maknae had also ranked at number one in the chart, much to everyone’s excitement.

More Details on SEVEN (Feat Latto)

For the unversed, Jungkook’s SEVEN was released on June 14, 2023. It went on to feature on the Weekly Top Song Global Chart on Spotify for three consecutive weeks. It charted multiple times on the same chart over time, with over 9 million streams for the entire week. SEVEN continued its trailblazing journey by securing the top position on the Spotify Daily Top Song Global chart on July 23, 2034, marking an inaugural and enduring moment for Asian groups and solo artists alike.

The relentless march of success persisted as, on August 2, 2023, the renowned Guinness World Records of the United Kingdom acknowledged Jungkook’s SEVEN for its astounding accomplishment. It streamed a staggering 89 million times within a mere seven days, securing its position as the most streamed male artist track globally on the Spotify chart—an unparalleled achievement that etched its name in the annals of world records.

Jungkook’s Latest Activities

Talking about Jungkook, he is currently basking in the success of his song SEVEN as it has ranked on multiple worldwide charts. In the midst of all this, he does not forget to update his fans about whatever is happening in his life. JK often comes live on Instagram, Weverse, and other popular platforms to interact with his fans. He also made a surprising appearance at fellow member Suga’s D-Day concert, much to the excitement of the global Army.