BTS’ Jungkook’s solo track “Seven” makes waves globally; Know more

BTS’ Jungkook becomes a handsome vampire in the latest pictorial project
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BIGHIT MUSIC surprised ARMYs on July 17 with the release of BTS’ Jungkook’s solo track “Seven” (Weekday Ver.). This summer band version showcases an upbeat sound with captivating percussion and Jungkook’s enchanting vocals. The song has been receiving immense popularity, topping various global charts and making impressive streaming records.

A Captivating Summer Band Version

The Weekday Ver. of “Seven” brings a fresh and lively feel to the song, accentuated by the energetic percussion and Jungkook’s exceptional vocal prowess. The combination of addictive melodies and warm acoustic guitar creates an irresistible charm that resonates with listeners.

Impressive Streaming Records

According to Spotify’s latest charts released on July 16, “Seven” garnered a staggering 13,480,559 daily streams, securing the top position on the Daily Top Song Global chart for two consecutive days. Jungkook’s solo release also dominated the Oricon Daily Digital Singles Ranking with the Clean Ver. Reigning at No. 1 for two days in a row, while the Explicit Ver. claimed the third spot. The song’s success highlights Jungkook’s global appeal and sets new records within the music industry.

Global Triumphs

“Seven” made an instant impact on music charts in South Korea and globally, establishing a new standard. Jungkook became the first K-pop solo vocalist to enter and top the Spotify global chart, achieving this feat within a remarkably short time. The song also claimed the No. 1 spot in the Melon TOP 100, marking another milestone for Jungkook as a male solo artist.

Jungkook’s Activities

Jungkook’s solo track “Seven” soared to the top of the Daily Top Song Global chart on Spotify, accumulating over 15.995 million plays. This unprecedented achievement made him the first Korean solo artist to reach No. 1 on the Spotify global chart. Additionally, the song conquered the iTunes Top Song charts in 106 countries and regions, solidifying its international success.

Enthralling Music Video

The music video for “Seven” featured Jungkook alongside actress Han So Hee, portraying a passionate love story. Divided into chapters based on the days of the week, the visually stunning MV depicts Jungkook’s unwavering dedication to his beloved, even amidst conflicts and perilous situations. Jungkook’s soulful vocals accompany the narrative, leaving viewers captivated by his emotional performance.


BTS’ Jungkook has achieved remarkable success with his solo track “Seven,” captivating global audiences with its captivating melodies and his exceptional artistry. Topping various charts and breaking records, Jungkook continues to showcase his immense talent and solidify his position as a global sensation.