BTS’ Jungkook’s solo tracks My You and Still With You released

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BTS member Jungkook’s solo songs, “Still With You” and “My You,” have finally received an official release on major streaming platforms. Initially shared unofficially as gifts to the ARMYs, these heartfelt tracks have garnered significant anticipation from fans. With Jungkook’s solo debut single “Seven” on the horizon, the decision was made to make these songs widely accessible, delighting fans who have eagerly awaited their official availability.

Still With You: A Melody of Longing

“Still With You” emerged as a result of BTS’s encounter with the global pandemic, which brought about substantial changes in their careers. Unable to engage with their fans through a world tour, Jungkook, the youngest member, channeled his emotions into this poignant track. Collaborating with longtime producer Pdogg, he co-wrote the lyrics and crafted a unique fusion of Jazz Pop and contemporary R&B. The song’s enduring appeal continues to captivate listeners worldwide, with fans creating various slow reverbed versions that have gained popularity online.

My You: Expressing Gratitude to the ARMY

Jungkook released “My You” as an expression of his deep appreciation and love for BTS’s dedicated fan base, the ARMY. The song’s lyrics convey his heartfelt gratitude, recognizing the fans as the driving force behind the group’s success and the source of their happiness. “My You” carries a message of personal growth and self-improvement, as Jungkook strives to present an even brighter and better version of himself to the ARMY. Balancing overwhelming emotions with a desire for positivity, he infused the song with delightful and affectionate words. Through “My You,” Jungkook aims to convey his unwavering dedication and sincere thanks to the fans who have supported BTS throughout their remarkable journey.


The official release of Jungkook’s solo songs “Still With You” and “My You,” marks a significant moment for BTS fans worldwide. These tracks, initially shared as gifts to the ARMYs, now find a permanent home on major streaming platforms. Fans have eagerly anticipated this moment, organizing streaming parties and expressing their excitement as they rediscover these heartfelt melodies. As Jungkook prepares for his solo debut with “Seven,” the availability of these unofficial gems on streaming platforms allows fans to easily access and enjoy these remarkable songs, further deepening their connection with the talented artist.