BTS’ Jungkook’s TikTok account gets verified with a blue tick

BTS Richest Member

We Indians may be devoid of using TikTok, but despite the same, we surely love hearing some news revolving around celebrities from the platform. Recently, BTS’ youngest member, Jungkook’s TikTok account got verified. The confirmation came after his account got the iconic blue tick on the platform.

Not only that, but the golden maknae also updated the bio after this new record, and now it reads as ‘Jungkook of BTS.’ Moreover, the verification led to the alignment of his TikTok and Twitter accounts, where his songs are now linked. Want to know more about his TikTok journey? Scroll down now!

The Accidental Reveal!

During a Weverse live session, Jungkook accidentally shared his private TikTok account when he posted a link to a video featuring ENHYPEN’s Jungwon and Jay participating in his Seven Dance challenge. The unintended pop-up message exposed his TikTok handle to fans, leading to playful teasing and humorous reactions from the ARMYs. JK’s TikTok journey unveils an interesting connection to the name “Ian.” BTS members had previously revealed the stage names they contemplated before debuting. Jungkook’s alternate name, Ian, was one of the options he considered, but it didn’t make the final cut. Strangely enough, the name resurfaced in the BT21 universe, where Ian becomes Cooky’s rival, sporting a slightly different appearance and backstory.

What’s Jungkook’s Username?

To make himself more easily recognizable on TikTok, Jungkook initially changed his username to @letjungcook7, a playful twist on his name that resonated with fans. However, a recent incident involving an impersonator left him intervening to clarify his genuine identity.

Subsequently, Jungkook opted for a simpler and direct username: @jungkook. Fans’ concerns were sparked by Jungkook’s past Instagram experience, where a name change culminated in the deletion of his account. The uncertainty of whether a similar fate awaited his TikTok presence led to apprehension among fans. Nonetheless, they expressed their desire to maintain their cherished connection with the singer on the platform.

From accidental reveals to playful interactions and strategic decisions, Jungkook’s TikTok journey showcases the multifaceted nature of his online presence, providing fans with a more intimate connection to the beloved BTS member.