BTS leader RM creates new record on Spotify by crossing 10 million followers

BTS leader RM

BTS leader RM has added yet another feather to his hat and we are already excited about it! As of June 23, 2022, the rapper has crossed 10 million followers and made history on Spotify. With this record, RM has become the second Korean solo artist to have hit the milestone in the popular platform. Earlier, the record was made by none other than RM’s fellow member J-Hope himself. Did you also know that Kim Namjoon is the third most followed Korean artist on Spotify after J-Hope and his own team BTS?

Now, as we talk about this, RM has already crossed over 10 million followers on Spotify, making him the 5th most followed K-pop act on the popular platform.


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What has surprised the fans even more about RM’s new record on Spotify is that only 9 of his songs are listed on the music platform as a part of his solo discography. The songs include Forever Rain, Badbye, Moonchild, Change, Tokyo, Everythingoes, Old Town Road, etc. These tracks are followed by the ones in which the BTS leader appears including Drunken Tiger’s Timeless and eAeon’s Don’t.

RM’s recent surprise

RM tattoo

Kim Namjoon’s fans are surely going to celebrate after knowing that the BTS leader has created a record with such whopping numbers on Spotify. However, his list of surprises does not end here. A few days ago, RM shared a glimpse of his brand new ‘7’ tattoo much to the excitement of his fans.

He took to Instagram and shared a few posts that sent the army into a frenzy. Kim Namjoon shared a screenshot of the album’s new songs on his Instagram stories. He also added a caption with some kind of a hint that read, “We been here so far.” His next Instagram story was no less than a surprise for the fans as he shared a picture of his brand new ankle tattoo, which read ‘7.’

The army was way too excited after having seen RM’s tattoo, and many of them even took to Twitter to share pictures of the same. In fact, some of them were also speculating if the other members of the group have gotten similar tattoos like how they had revealed on different occasions. Well, that came out to be true as his fellow BTS member J-Hope also got a similar tattoo inked a few days later. Now, we wonder whether the remaining members of the Septet will get inked as well!